List of Local Unit Voting Delegates due JANUARY 11, 2017

If your local unit has not submitted the list of voting delegates, please submit your listing to, by January 11, 2017. Click here to access the 2016-17 Voting Delegate form.

Voting Body
Defined in the Council bylaws, the voting body consists of:
• Council officers and chairpersons,
• Presidents of the member local units or their alternates,
• Two (2) delegates or alternates from each local unit,
• State and District officers and chairpersons residing in the area,
• Superintendent of schools (or a designee) and
• Principals of schools having local units in Council membership or their alternates.

Delegates (and Alternates)
Council Delegates should be experienced, capable local unit members. They should participate in discussion,
report back verbally at the next local unit meeting, and file a written report with their local unit
secretary. They should also keep a procedure book for the guidance of future delegates.

Local Unit Delegates to Council
Presidents and their alternates and the two delegates and their alternates represent their local unit as part
of the voting body of the Council. Council bylaws specify the number of eligible delegates from each local
unit and are selected by the method chosen by their local unit. Each local unit president should submit
the name(s) of the delegate(s) and alternate(s) to the Council secretary by the date specified by the Council

While participation in the business of the Council may be limited to voting delegates, as defined in the
Council bylaws, Council meetings are open to all members of the PTA units that make up the Council.

Local Unit Delegate Responsibilities
Local unit delegates are a vital link between the local unit and the Council. They should:
• Attend every meeting of their local unit PTA and of the Council, or send their designated alternate.
• Be familiar with bylaws at all levels.
• Participate fully in Council discussion and deliberations. Each delegate (or alternate, if delegate is not
in attendance) is entitled to make motions, debate and vote at each Council meeting.
• Report to the Council their local unit’s decision on matters referred to it for approval.
• Take careful notes, bring back a full report to their local unit, and file reports with the secretary of the
local unit. (See the sample in the Forms Section)
• Put announcements of Council activities in the local unit PTA newsletter.
• Share information on local unit activities, programs and publications with other member local units.
• Encourage local unit members to attend Council programs and support Council projects.
• Notify local unit members of the next Council meeting and urge them to attend.
• Prepare a procedure book for the guidance of future delegates.
NOTE: A local unit must have sent membership dues to Georgia PTA and paid Council dues in order to have delegate voting privileges at Council meetings and Convention Leadership Training (CLT).