How to Look for All Inclusive in C

The obstacle Input:
a string strng a variety of strings arr Output of function contain_all_rots( strng, arr) (or containAllRots or contain-all-rots):.
a boolean real if all rotations of strng are consisted of in arr incorrect otherwise Examples:.
contain_all_rots( "" bsjq ",> ["bsjq", "qbsj", "sjqb", "twZNsslC", "jqbs"]) -> real contain_all_rots( " Ajylvpy ", ["Ajylvpy", "ylvpyAj", "jylvpyA", "lvpyAjy", "pyAjylv", "vpyAjyl", "ipywee"]) -> > incorrect) Note:.
Though not proper in a mathematical sense.
we will think about that there are no rotations of strng == “””” and for any selection arr: contain_all_rots(“”””, arr)–> > real The option in C Choice 1:.

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