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Josephine Santiago-Bond was born in the U.S. to 2 Filipino moms and dads and matured in the Philippines. She made her Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Devices & & Communications Engineering at the University of Philippines, and went on to get a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of South Dakota in 2005. While participating in graduate school Josephine ended up being a graduate intern at NASA’s Kennedy Area Center, the main launch center for human-operated spaceflights. She found her enthusiasm for NASA’s objective, and went on to work full-time for them as an electrical engineer in 2004

In her function at NASA, Josephine is a factor to the development of brand-new area shuttle bus innovations, and she is the co-founder and Chief of the Advanced Engineering Advancement Branch of NASA, where she directs and deals with a group of more than 20 engineers and numerous other workers throughout a wide variety of disciplines. Josephine was likewise associated with the Systems Engineering Management Advancement Program, where she dealt with lunar objectives. She has actually likewise participated in the Regolith and Environment Science and Oxygen and Lunar Volatiles Extraction (WILLPOWER) task, which intended to map numerous substances and types of water in the world’s moon.

Josephine is a trendsetter in her NASA profession, and has actually contributed considerably to the expedition of deep space.

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