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After September 16, 2023, all drones in the United States that weigh more than 250 grams or fly under FAR 107 need to abide by FAA Part 89 guideline.

The bright side is that DJI bewares with all regulations-related subjects, so the majority of its drones now feature a Remote ID RID.

The DJI drones that abide by the Remote ID policies consist of the Mavic 3 Pro Cine, Mavic 3, Inspire 3, and the Mavic Pro Platinum.

Other DJI drones abide by this guideline, which we will cover in this post. We’ll likewise provide an easy-to-digest table where you can browse whether your drone complies.

List of DJI drones with RID in April 2023

Design RID Identification Number Weight (g) Status Compliance Date
Mavic 3 Pro Cine 1581F6MK000000000000
963 Accepted April 24, 2023
Mavic 3 Pro 1581F67Q000000000000
958 Accepted April 24, 2023
Inspire 3 1581F4Z4000000000000
3,995 Accepted April 19, 2023
Mavic Pro Platinum 1581F08Q300000000000
734 Accepted January 30, 2023
Mini 3 1581F5YH000000000000
249 Accepted December 5, 2022
M3M 1581F5FK000000000000
951 Accepted October 28, 2022
Mavic 3 Timeless 1581F67P000000000000
895 Accepted October 26, 2022
Agras T40 1581F574000000000000
5,000 Accepted October 26, 2022
Agras T30 1581F446000000000000
3,650 Accepted October 26, 2022
M300 RTK 1581F1ZN000000000000
6,300 Accepted September 20, 2022
M3T 1581F5FJ000000000000
920 Accepted September 20, 2022
M3E 1581F5FH000000000000
915 Accepted September 20, 2022
M30T 1581F5BK000000000000
3,770 Accepted September 9, 2022
M30 1581F4BN000000000000
3,770 Accepted September 9, 2022
Mavic 3 Cine 1581F4QZ000000000000
899 Accepted September 9, 2022
Mavic 3 1581F45T000000000000
895 Accepted September 9, 2022
Avata 1581F4QW000000000000
410 Accepted September 9, 2022
Air Two 1581F3YT000000000000
595 Accepted September 9, 2022
Mini 3 Pro 1581F4XF000000000000
249 Accepted September 9, 2022

How to understand your drone has Remote ID?

Now you’ve seen which DJI drones abide by the RID guidelines, however how do you understand if your drone identification number exists?

For more recent DJI drones like the ones launched in 2022, the drone S/N is the exact same as the RID identification number. If your drone identification number has 20 digits beginning with 1581F, then your drone undoubtedly complies.

The Avata identification number constantly begins at 1581F4QW, the like the RID identification number.

There are older DJI drones like the Air two, whose identification number has 14 digits and does not begin with 1581F. This does not imply your Air two does not have a RID module. DJI might have set up the RID module with a various identification number.

Let’s take the DJI Air 2S example:

  1. Set your drone with the remote controller and mobile phone.
  2. Open the Fly app.
  3. Go to the electronic camera view and tap the 3 horizontal dots on the right-upper corner of the screen.
  4. Go to the About area and scroll down to discover the Remote ID SN.
  5. You will see an alpha-numerical 20-digit code that begins with 1581F3YT, which is the classification for the DJI Air 2S.

That method, you understand your drone abides by the FAA Part 89.

You can perform this treatment for every single drone on the list if you wish to examine. It just differs in the app as some utilize the Pilot 2 or Agras app.

How to trigger RID in my DJI drone

DJI launched a firmware upgrade to trigger RID, so now it’s constantly active, and you do not require to do anything.

More significantly, you can’t disable the RID after you upgrade the drone firmware.

How to examine if your drone RID is working?

Go to the DJI application you utilize to fly the airplane. For some designs it’s the Fly app, the Agras app, or the DJI Pilot 2.

After you combine your gadgets, the RID will constantly do a self-test on the electronic camera view of your remote controller, mobile phone, or safety glasses. When the RID remains in red or shows a red timely, the RID is not working.

Please examine that you have a web connection and GPS satellites offered. If your gadget still reveals the red RID timely, you need to dji consumer supp.

” MORE: How to Contact DJI Client Assistance

Where did we get the details from the table?

To discover the list of DJI drones that abide by RID policies, we followed these actions:

  1. Go to this FAA[1]
  2. Click the Filter by deployable list and pick RID.
  3. On the search bar you find on the ideal part of the screen, type DJI and press get in.

Now you need to see all the DJI designs that abide by the RID guideline.

To examine the particular information of each design, click the view button right to each drone design.

There you can see information such as the requirement on which that particular drone design abides by the guideline and the identification numbers that comply.

Why did DJI set up RID in drones that weigh less than 250g?

Drone pilots that do not have previous airplane guideline education tend to do not like the concept of utilizing RID.

Producers produce drones weighing just 1 gram listed below the necessary guideline to please those pilots. However it’s more of a sales hook.

In the end, 1 gram is what a light-weight ND filter weighs.

Think about that scales have a margin mistake of about 5 percent. Inspectors will determine your drone’s weight on their scales as those have a calibration accreditation.

So in their scales, your drone can weigh more than 250 grams with a little device.

Just 2 DJI drones weigh less than 250 grams and have an integrated RID module, the Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro. They do not require to abide by the FAA Part 89 guideline.

Nevertheless, that is the overall weight of the drone, battery, and SD card. When you set up an ND filter, it makes it certified with the RID guideline.

Consider there are spaces in the guideline.

If any drone producer produces a drone listed below that weight or flies just for leisure functions, it’s compliant-free.

However DJI understands that if an inspector captures you with a Mini 3 with an ND filter, which increases the weight to 251 grams, you will get a charge charge.

If you’re shooting a totally free video for your school, you can likewise get fined, as the inspector can translate it as a service operation.

That’s why DJI abides by the RID even with these 2 airplane.

Intelligent Flight Battery Plus load

Another important element to think about with the Mini 3 Pro is using the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus.

It provides us 51 minutes of flight time and 18 km of flying variety at the expense of registering our drone due to the fact that it will weigh 290 grams.

Meant usage

The DJI Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro are capable drones. You can utilize them to make some cash or do some charity work.

Those scenarios make these drones RID-compliant, as you utilize them to supply a service.

Do I need to register my DJI drone RID?

To have a certified DJI drone with RID is just one part of the formula.

After September 16, 2023, you will not have the ability to fly the drones on the list in the United States unless you register them.

The factor is that the FAA needs them to be signed up by FAA Part 107 or Recreational Flyers, due to their weight or planned usage.

As this is a substantial subject, we leave you a total post in this link for you to check out.

Why is it essential to understand about RID if you are outside the United States?

RID isn’t an FAA thing. It’s a security preventive action.

The concept of RID is to understand precisely where your drone is. That method, air travel authorities comprehend if you are flying unsafely or in locations where flying is prohibited.

The United States is working to establish all the facilities to make this possible by fall 2023. Other areas, such as the UK and EU, have the ways to control RID too.

In other nations, isn’t compulsory to abide by RID just due to the fact that they do not have the facilities, individuals, or suggests to manage the drones by this guideline.

Nevertheless, RID will be compulsory for all nations in the future, as it is a help to keep airspace security.

1. UAS Statement of Compliance ( link)

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