Area 2 Council Education Grant Chair
Georgia PTA Education Chair

At the 2017 Area 2 – Gwinnett Council of PTAs Fall School of Information, the general membership voted to change the Scholarship Award to an Education Grant that would be able to be accessible to more than just the high school seniors of the Area Council. In the past, the Council Dues of each local unit, was used to fund the annual scholarships, which were only awarded to 8 college-bound students of the high schools in the Area 2 Council. After revisiting the motto of PTA, and in hopes to serve Every Child, the Area 2 – Gwinnett Council of PTAs Executive Committee proposed a new platform to open the possibilities of benefiting more students within our Area Council.

This new Education Grant will allow for each local unit to submit for an opportunity for their school to qualify for the 2017-18 Education Grant program of Area 2.

A committee is being formed to finalize the details of the program, and any interested committee members should contact the committee chair, at, for additional information. Once the committee has finalized the details of the program and it is approved by the Area 2 Council Board of Directors, the program details will be shared with the local units of the Area 2 Council.