Schlusselfeld focuses on housing

Schlusselfeld focuses on housing

The corona virus also affects the municipalities. It is not possible to predict what financial damage this will cause, especially in terms of business tax revenue. After a decline in trade tax in 2019, the city chamber franz ludwig findeis has set this revenue item in the 2020 budget at 4.1 million and thus 800000 euros lower than the previous year.

Due to the crisis, the head of the city’s finance department is cautious: since further developments are unpredictable, he even considers it possible that any shortfalls will have to be absorbed by a supplementary budget. The draft of the 23.4-million-euro budget for the key area (administrative budget: 13.85 million euros, municipal budget: 9.61 million euros) was unanimously approved without changes at the meeting of the main committee.

During the deliberations, findeis urged the city councilors to "take an extremely responsible approach" with the finances to the heart. After all, there is a budget of almost ten million to be financed, even if it is somewhat lower than in the previous year.

Despite a withdrawal of 2.6 million from the city reserves, new loans (3.2 million) are necessary to balance the budget. However, the financial plan does not envisage any further new borrowing in the next three years. The previously very low per capita debt of 310 euros will increase to 760 euros and thus reach the level of the state average.

Purchase of land

Financial resources are needed not least for the purchase of the johanniter property, after the association decided not to build the planned senior center on bamberger strabe. With its high level of investment, however, the city is also contributing to the preservation of jobs and the continued existence of regional small and medium-sized businesses, according to the preliminary report.

In the property budget, purchases for the fire departments are planned in the total amount of 656,000 euros. This includes 473,000 euros for the new HLF 20 for the schlusselfeld fire department and 55,000 euros for the vehicle for the heuchelheim fire department.

The new vehicle for elsendorf, which will cost 120,000 euros, will not arrive until 2021. Naturally, state subsidies are also expected for the acquisitions.

For its youth, the city is investing not only in digital equipment for the school, but also in a pump track facility. A 50 percent contribution to the cost of the 162,000-euro recreational facility is to come from LAG (local action group) funds.

For the time being, only the planning costs for the necessary new daycare centers are included in the budget. The city is considering a new building and daycare center in elsendorf, the only kindergarten owned by the city, as well as an expansion of the kindergarten in schlusselfeld.

The budget provides a total of two million euros for the acquisition of land and the development of new building areas. With 1,3 million euro beats thereby the erschliebung of the building area "burning stick" in reichmannsdorf. From the middle of this year, the first houses can be built there.

A rough tree-trimming will be this year and next year’s expansion of elsendorf’s local thoroughfare. The town wants to renew the sidewalks as part of the district’s road expansion project. Before that, the sewer will be rehabilitated, empty pipes for broadband cables will be laid and new street lighting will be installed. The city expects costs of 250,000 euros this year and 410,000 euros next year.

For mabbatements at the wastewater plant, the kammerer has budgeted a total of 1.8 million. Part of this will go towards the construction of a new storm water overflow basin in the industrial area, and part will be used for the further development of the east industrial area. The sewer rehabilitation work carried out in recent years is now paying off: the city expects to receive almost 500,000 euros in grants from the government’s demand program this year and next.

Millions for water supply

To secure the city’s water supply, findeis has set aside more than 1.4 million. This will be used to finance the new well in reichmannsdorf and the well in the east industrial area, as well as to plan the new high reservoirs in hohn and in reichmannsdorf. Since no construction company was found last year, the water pipes at the "tannenberg" key field are to be rebuilt 2020 at a cost of 410,000 euros.

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