Birgit schrowange: don’t go along with the beauty craze

Birgit schrowange: don't go along with the beauty craze

TV presenter birgit schrowange is relaxed about aging. "I’m already gray, i don’t have the slimmest figure and i’m 61," schrowange told the "bild" newspaper. "I’m not going along with all this prudence craze. Probably that’s it: I’m just me."

The RTL presenter rejects wrinkle treatments such as botox. She swears by the skin treatment microdermabrasion and fruit acid peeling, she always takes sun protection factor. "No injections! Unfortunately, some colleagues overdo it with their dead-eyed faces. A woman is already a woman when she is healthy and happy, not when she makes her beauty-doc rich."

She has "not regretted for a second" that she has been standing by her gray hair for some time now. She had gained a lot of life time, because she had to change colors every two weeks in the end. "Through the television light, the HD technology and the greenbox every woman’s hair has been seen. I simply had no more bock on this coloring."

Looking at the recognition for her gray hair, schrowange said: "people came up to me: "booooah, you’re sooo brave!"Did anyone ever say this to my colleague peter kloeppel? No man needs to listen to such bullshit!"

On monday (22.3 p.M. RTL airs the anniversary episode of "extra," 25 years in the making.

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