Mainleus gets the victory at the performance march

The fire department stadtsteinach was on saturday at kaiserwetter host of the kreisjugendleistungsmarsch 2013. The 32 teams of four had to complete various tasks and exercises on a 6.8-kilometer route through the city. The best performance was achieved by team mainleus I.

Hohenberg I came in second, ahead of lanzenreuth and gossenreuth I. These four teams will now represent the district of kulmbach at the district competition in neustadt bei coburg.

The other trophy places went to oberdornlach, himmelkron I, kirchleus II, peesten I, peesten II and wartenfels. The youngest starting team was peesten II.

The team lanzendorf I with dennis tauber, roland schneider, theresa beck and michael rohleder had prepared themselves very well and wanted to get the best out of the competition. While the hose rolling, cube spraying and line bag throwing all worked very well, the chest band application on the team partner had its difficulties and threw the team, which took an excellent second place at last year's performance march in neudrossenfeld, back with a full penalty point score.

30 penalty points
The reaction of the lanzendorf team after arriving at the finish line was correspondingly: dennis tauber felt that the distance to be covered was okay. However, the 16-year-old from lanzendorf was annoyed by the fact that he was given 30 penalty points for putting on his chest band. "Normally I have 40 seconds for the completion of this task and there I was under it. Here in stadtsteinach, the new start was suddenly considered a demolition", tauber argued.

"Everything was fine today, but it was a pity about the mistake at the chest band", said theresa beck. The 16-year-old was the third time at the district decision and would have been happy to go to the district decision this year, because her team still had something to make up for.

For roland schneider it was the sixth participation in the district youth performance march. "With a total time of 195 minutes we got through well and the surroundings of the stations were also suitable", summed up the 17-year-old. For 16-year-old michael rohleder, the 6.8-kilometer course was pleasant to run. "I didn't mind the bright sunshine, but it could have been a few degrees less", commented the lanzendorf.

Theory and practice
The first team left the fire station at 9 a.M. On the dot and had to work their way through 14 stations with practical and theoretical tasks. The correctness of the entire team at the start and at the finish was also evaluated.

District fire chief stefan hartlein emphasized that the performance of the 32 groups was impressive. The fire department of stadtsteinach took care of the catering with drinks as well as coffee and cake, the bavarian red cross took over the cooking of the lunch. District youth officer and district fire chief daniela wagner praised the great commitment with which all of the young firefighters performed their duties.

Stadtsteinach mayor roland wolfrum said it was wonderful that so many young people were involved in the fire department. In addition to the stadtsteinach fire department, the zaubach, schwand and triebenreuth fire departments as well as the town's building yard were also involved in the event.
District administrator klaus peter sollner praised the excellent organization of the event and the good participation of the young people. The aim is to generate the future service providers for protection and security from these phones.

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