“Flower offensive” to be more than a flash in the pan

The bamberger grunen want to establish species protection as a long-term task in the city administration. The "flower offensive should be more than just a flash in the pan, they say in an application to the city.

The topic of species protection is booming, saving the bees is close to everyone’s heart, and nature conservation is more highly valued as a political goal than ever before – who among the parties should be more pleased about this than the grunes?. GAL is therefore also full of praise for the "flower offensive" that has not been proclaimed for a long time of the environmental office and wanted to strengthen it massively with an application.

According to a city press release, mowing will be reduced on five public grasslands to create high-quality habitat for plants and insects. And the city is also calling on other landowners, such as companies, to create insect-friendly flowerbeds.

"Now we would like to know which five flats they are", write gertrud leumer and petra friedrich of the GAL city council faction. Luis reithmeier of the GAL advisory council has his eye on several more areas where he can imagine flower strips: "on the banks of the rhine-main-danube canal, in hain and erba park, in bamberg-east at troppauplatz or at the grunzug near the malerviertel – anywhere where the flats are not or not completely used for playing or sitting and lying down."

Because even small or narrow strips could be valuable components of their habitat for insects. Gertrud leumer of the environmental office expressly confirms this assessment. For example, the nature conservationists in the city administration described the flower strips in the roadside embankment on the berliner ring as exemplary. Gertrud leumer therefore: "more of this, please!"

A thorn in the eye

A particular thorn in the side of the greens are the gravelled quasi-grounds that have recently appeared at the edge of large parking lots of supermarkets or businesses, but also in the front yards of private homes. "Such flat areas filled up with stones or gravel are ecologically completely worthless, and even if one or the other bush grows there, for the protection of species it is a zero number", gertrud leumer states. She would like to see an aggressive information campaign by the environmental agency to make people aware of this, and feels that now is the time to do so.

"The city’s blood offensive must not be allowed to remain a flash in the pan. We all have to work together on this issue", demand the greens.

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