“Golden” in the popp house

Many congratulators gathered at the home of christa and fred popp to congratulate them on their 50th wedding anniversary. Anniversary of their marriage.

The long marriage had forged a bond between the two, said mayor doris leithner-bisani, who congratulated not only the market town of ludwigschorgast, but also the christian social union and the women’s union of ludwigschorgast.

Fred popp, according to leithner-bisani, has rendered great services to ludwigschorgast and has been awarded the title of honorary burgher for his efforts.

Also the jubelbrautigam is the bearer of the federal medal of merit on the ribbon.

Among the other congratulators were district president henry schramm and district administrator klaus peter sollner, who praised the work and achievements of christa and fred popp.

The parish priest michal osak will not miss the opportunity to wish the golden couple all the best. He blessed christa and fred popp in the evening at a festive thanksgiving service in the st.-bartholomaus church in the circle of the family.

A musical flower robbery was presented by the schorgasttaler brass band, which played in the morning to a first-class concert.

All local associations also love to congratulate their honorary chairman or honorary member.

And fred popp was also allowed to celebrate his 81st birthday. Birthday, he had his christa on his 31st birthday. Birthday the yes-word given. Klaus-peter wulf

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