More than 1.8 million chinese flee typhoon haikui

More than 1.8 million chinese flee typhoon haikui

Typhoon haikui drove more than 1.8 million people to flee from the east coast of china. Two people died in the port metropolis of shanghai, local media reported. The victims had been hit by falling trunks. The tropical cyclone made landfall in zhejiang province on wednesday night (local time). It is already the third typhoon in just one week. At least 27 people have died in the storms so far, many more are still missing.

"Haikui" swept over the region with heavy rainfall and wind speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour, the meteorological service reported. Waves towered as high as five meters off the coast. In zhejiang, the authorities brought around 1.5 million people to safety, while in neighboring shanghai, almost 400,000 residents had to leave their homes. They were taken to the safe hinterland, the government said.

In the coastal city of ningbo, the storm toppled a ferris wheel; in jiaxing, the gusts covered the roof of a stadium. Around 1,000 tourists were stranded on the top of a mountain in jiaxing district because of the storm. In lin’an, rescue workers had freed 123 people who had been trapped in their guest houses by the floodwaters, the xinhua news agency reported.

Zhejiang’s main airport in the provincial capital of hangzhou had to suspend operations for hours, and high-speed trains in the region also came to a standstill.

Economic damage in zhejiang province alone is estimated at five billion yuan (about 635 million euros). About half of this was due to damage to agriculture, it said. China has already been hit by typhoons "saola" and "damrey" since last friday.

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