This is how a ludwigsstadter has experienced china’s third-largest metropolis so far

This is how a ludwigsstadter has experienced china's third-largest metropolis so far

So this is how stars must feel: actually, unal sengul and a friend just wanted to buy a new sim card. But they were not allowed to leave the small phone store until everyone present had taken a selfie with the two of them. But neither sengul nor his friend are on camera for a popular series. And as musicians, they don’t rock the world’s concert stages either. Both are students. However: students in shanghai. And as europeans in china’s most important industrial city, they stand out accordingly. "It certainly won’t happen to us in germany, sengul suspects.

Also interesting: loffler and meitner drove the stadtwerke kronach

The 24-year-old from ludwigsstadt has been studying e-commerce – online trading – for five semesters at jena’s ernst abbe university. However, he is spending the current winter semester at the prestigious tongji university. In the interview here on infrankenplus (free for subscribers), he talks about his first experiences in the city of 23 million people, whether he can imagine returning to kronach county after graduation, and what fatal consequences chinese hand signals can have.

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