Meeting place for all generations

Meeting place for all generations

The former premises of the company stockmann will be further transformed into a village center. After boccia court, kneipp pool and water playground, a multigenerational meeting place is created there.

The building replaces the previous senior citizens’ room in the parish hall, which was not barrier-free. Young people will also have their own room in the new building. But there is more in store: the people of fuchsstadt are to organize courses and recreational activities for their fellow citizens. "Anything is conceivable, for example dance classes or cooking courses," said, explained mayor peter hart (CSU/UWG) at the groundbreaking ceremony.

The house is supposed to be open five days a week from morning to evening. "I am convinced that the offer will be accepted", said manfred oftring. He and almost 20 other fuchsstadters are members of the "fuscht unser zuhause" working group at. The working group is currently putting together the program to get started right away when the building is inaugurated as planned in october.

"We already have a foundation", said oftring. However, the service will have to settle in during the initial period. There is already an advisory board for the youth center. Youth representative stefanie schneider spoke of committed young people. She also reported that in her work as a physiotherapist she noticed that many old people were alone. They want the multigenerational meeting place to be a place to meet and socialize.

"Multigenerational meeting place" but so far it is more of a working title. The final name of the house will be decided in may. All local residents are called upon to contribute suggestions on how hard to explain. "We are also considering whether to establish a support or a demand association", said oftring.

All involved were confident that the new building would be ready by the target date of october. Because the start of work was delayed by several days due to the frost. But now the construction is to be pulled through. At the same time as the groundbreaking ceremony, an excavator began to lay out the parking lot above the future building.

According to architect thomas ruser, the house will be a one-story structure with a solid skeleton. It will provide 400 square meters of usable space. The cost, including the auben facilities, is around 900,000 euros. The municipality expects to receive subsidies of nearly 380,000 euros, which will come from the EU and the free state via the office for rural development.

Auben is to be given a football pitch again. Separate accessible toilets are available in the new building for visitors to the recreational area.

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