Tv augsfeld rebuffed

Ulrike langer in its meeting on thursday evening, the finance and main committee of the city of habfurt dealt with a request from the TV 1890 augsfeld for an additional requirement also for smaller clubs with less than 100 children and young people. However, the committee rejected the proposal with one vote against.

The city habfurt had adapted its demand guidelines in the last year and had introduced an additional youth demand for associations and demand communities with at least 100 children and young people under 18 years, since with these a substantial mehrhrauand for the youth work was recognized. The TV augsfeld, where 60 children and 19 youths are active and 28 children without club membership attend a rehabilitation course, however, also wanted smaller clubs to receive an additional youth requirement. In the request it is stated: "the special demand of the youth demand community and the TV habfurt for the years 2016 and 2017 is not justified in relation to the not additionally demanded associations within habfurt, since they likewise club-related already received annual demand funds over the national and voluntary municipal demand."

TV augsfeld also criticizes the alleged unequal treatment of sports clubs with their own properties and the privileged transfer of municipal sports facilities to clubs without their own properties. Furthermore, he asks the city council to determine the consequential costs of the new gymnasium construction, as these are to be absorbed by the city and are to be regarded as hidden demand funds.

But the committee stood by its previous opinion and rejected an additional requirement for smaller associations as well. Chamberman wolfgang homer emphasized that the city of habfurt was making very rough demands on the clubs as a whole. Councilman manfred stuhler (SPD) also recalled that the follow-up costs of the new gymnasium building had already been discussed.

Money for game machines

The committee approved a grant of 20,000 euros to the sylbach kindergarten association for the purchase of new playground equipment worth 41,147 euros. The land, the kindergarten building and the playground facilities are owned by the town. With the new advices also the security is improved. "We recognize the kindergarten association’s high level of personal contribution", emphasized the mayor gunther werner ().

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