Bus with school children overruns

Bus with school children overruns

Five children were injured, one of them seriously. A police spokesman did not give any information about the nature of the injuries. However, the children had still had luck in the accident, the accident could also have ended worse, said the speaker.

According to the police, the mountainous road was "suddenly completely iced over" and slippery as glass. The bus skidded onto the hard shoulder. The driver tried to bring the vehicle back onto the road, but it tilted more and more and finally overturned. The bus overturned and came to a halt on its wheels in boggy ground. The driver suffered a severe shock. Police did not disclose the ages of the man and the schoolchildren for privacy reasons.

All bus passengers were taken to hospital for examination. A crane was used to salvage the demolished bus belonging to oberelbische verkehrsgesellschaft pirna-sebnitz (OVPS). The staatsstrabe was fully closed. According to the police, it is not yet possible to say how much damage was done to the almost brand-new bus.

In western saxony, a car slid onto railroad tracks on a slippery road near neukieritzsch. A crossing guard noticed the accident and made an emergency call. The train from leipzig to geithain could stop 200 meters in front of the crashed car. According to police, its 49-year-old driver was thrown out of the car when the car overturned on the berm. The man was seriously injured.

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