His photos – a treasure for ebern

His photos - a treasure for ebern

His 95. Erich rothbauer from ebern celebrated his birthday on saturday. His photographic business on the town hill is unforgotten by many people in ebern and his archive of old photographs, which is now looked after by foto-creativ-kreis, is an invaluable treasure.

"I have led a good life and always had luck", said the likeable senior about himself. After returning to his home country after the war in 1945, he supported his father in the family business before taking over the specialist store in spitaltorstrabe as a master photographer in 1965.

At that time, erich rothbauer was the only photographer in the entire district of ebern and thus made a name for himself. Until his 75th birthday. Birthday he led the photo business with studio. His profession was also his hobby.

Documents of contemporary history

He once took several thousand photos in ebern and the surrounding area. Years ago he bequeathed this historical treasure to the foto-creativ-kreis ebern, so that the old pictures can be preserved for posterity as documents of contemporary history.

The jubilarian was married to his wife else for 55 years before she died in 2002. He regularly spends his limited free time on tenerife with his wife. Countless beautiful landscape photos in his house still bear witness to these vacations.

A bird lover

One of his additional hobbies was bird breeding. Numerous budgies have seen the light of day with him and he also had talking parrots at home.

Erich rothbauer was very active in the ebern associations. For decades, the gonnner has been a member of the burger club, the singing club, the ebern wind orchestra and many other associations, which he supports. From the ebern guardian society, the first guardian joseph borschert and his deputy helmut stubenrauch offered their congratulations. Borschert emphasized that 65 years ago to the day, on rothbauer's birthday, the guardianship society was re-founded and that the birthday boy was the only living founding member from that time.

Three-time guardian king

Erich rothbauer presided over the association for ten years as the first guardian master and also won the title of guardian king a total of three times.
The deputy district administrator oskar ebert, ebern's mayor jurgen hennemann and pastor rudolf theiler also came in person to congratulate him and offer their warmest congratulations.

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