Spirited despite rain, mud and snow

Spirited despite rain, mud and snow

On the saturday before whitsun, 80 pilgrims from the egbert-gymnasium-munsterschwarzach set out on their sixth stage of the pilgrimage to santiago de compostela. Starting point was pregny, a suburb of geneva, to which the pilgrims had walked last year.

This year, the motto of the trip was "on the way of the soul to jacob". It took the pilgrims nine days to cover the 185 kilometers to this year’s destination, the town of la côte-saint-andre. This means that half of the 2000 kilometers to santiago have been covered.

The group returned to munsterschwarzach satisfied and full. Under the blessing of abbot michael reepen, the pilgrimage group arrived at 5:00 a.M. On pentecost saturday.30 o’clock with two busses from munsterschwarzach to pregny. After a liturgy under the motto "departure", there were still five kilometers of pilgrimage along lake geneva to cover to the youth hostel.

The next day, the pilgrims had the opportunity to attend the pentecost service at the basilique notre dame in geneva and then walk the 22 kilometers to col du mont-sion. The other destinations were fragny, serrieres, yenne, st-genix-sur-guiers, le pin and finally la côte-saint-andre.

For the first time on the pilgrimage so far, it was necessary to travel even in unpleasant weather with cold temperatures, rain and even sleet, hail or snow. However, this did not dampen the positive mood. Every day, the pilgrims met for a morning and evening reflection with insightful texts and thoughts, which were compiled by peter olschina in an accompanying booklet. Thomas dopfert provided the musical accompaniment to the pilgrimage with songs, some of which he composed himself.

This year the group was also accompanied by spiritual texts by the french saint therese of lisieux. Despite some very muddy paths, the pilgrims, aged between 15 and 75, enjoyed the beautiful landscape around lake geneva, in the rhone valley and the rhone alps. The pilgrimage group also felt blessed by the encounters with friendly and helpful local people and other pilgrims from different countries.

The fact that everything went so smoothly was mainly due to the fantastic organization by johanna dopfert and monika olschina, but also to the driving skills, helpfulness and patience of the bus driver. So after about 185 kilometers of fubstrecke, everyone returned fulfilled and inspired to munsterschwarzach, where they were received by father zacharias heyes.

Half of the route to santiago de compostela has now been completed and everyone is already looking forward to the next stage in 2014.

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