Cdu chairmanship candidates want to prevent power struggle after april

Cdu chairmanship candidates want to prevent power struggle after april

The three promising candidates for the CDU presidency want to prevent the internal power struggle from continuing in the event of a close outcome of the presidential election at the end of april.

North rhine-westphalia’s minister president armin laschet, ex-union faction leader friedrich merz and CDU earmarked politician norbert rottgen agreed that the candidates to be elected in the campaign vote on 25. April’s defeated candidate in berlin will not run again at the regular election party conference in stuttgart in early december. Rottgen confirmed this to the rhenish post in dusseldorf.

The aim is to prevent the CDU from losing the election even after the leadership issue has been resolved at its party congress on 25 june. The party circles also confirmed to the deutsche presse-agentur on tuesday that the candidates for the chairmanship of the CDU on april are not at rest. Merz would not comment on rottgen’s revisions when asked.

After the decision on the successor to the outgoing party leader was made at the party congress at the end of april, the new CDU leader will have to stand for election again a few months later – at the regular election party congress on april 3. To 5. December. This became known on monday evening after consultations between laschet, merz and rottgen with kramp-karrenbauer and general secretary paul ziemiak.

According to a CDU spokesman on monday evening, the future party leader is to be determined at the april party conference in a "by-election. Should there be further elections to the executive board, these would also be by-elections.

Should laschet be elected as chairman, he and his state association want to propose health minister jens spahn as deputy party leader. This post has been held by laschet, spahn is a member of the presidium. Then again spahn’s prasidium place had to be refilled. Laschet and spahn act as tandem after spahn renounces candidacy for the presidency. It is not clear whether merz will run for a seat on the CDU’s top executive committee if he loses to laschet or rottgen in the runoff election.

The parliamentary manager of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, michael grosse-bromer (CDU), appealed to the unity of his party after the presidential election at the end of april. It would be wise and right to make a decision then. "I think it’s even more important for us as the CDU to carry them as a united front."The CDU’s unity after a personnel decision "is the prerequisite for a successful federal election".

After the decision, the CDU must be "smart and also united in ensuring that others do not govern this country badly," said grosse-bromer. So the FDP has the motto, better not to govern than to govern badly. "Our motto is always: better we govern before others govern badly," the CDU politician said.

Candidates to face questions from party members in several formats leading up to special party conference. For the presentation, internal formats such as a "CDU-live" talk with the candidates and two central "digital townhalls" with all applicants are planned. In addition, there are to be "candidate questionnaires" where members can put their questions in writing to the candidates. Joint appearances before national associations are not planned, nor are regional conferences, as there were during the election of the party leadership in 2018.

Party headquarters also announced that, in addition to laschet, merz and rottgen, ten other CDU members have so far applied for the party presidency. They have not yet been nominated.

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