Climate change is causing problems for the forestry sector

Temperature comparisons in the bildhauser forest over the past 20 years show a warming of nine degrees; two degrees had been assumed. The consequence of this increase is that the precipitation is changing, which has already been observed in recent times. Certain tree species could not cope with this change, especially pines.

Forester bernhard greiter explained that for this reason the coniferous forest will be interspersed with hardwoods. This conversion does not exist in vain, of course. The community must invest. The forest management plan for 2013 includes final felling, old and young thinning, as well as stand maintenance with a planned planting of 14 trees.600 plants at the same time forced forest conversion before.

Back to normal forestry

In retrospect, greiter presented the 2012 timber harvest, where massive losses were suffered due to pest infestation. However, a favorable timber market situation had absorbed the damaged wood, so that one could go back to normal forestation. The logging plan of about 1400 solid meters will be achieved. Greiter shed light on the work of cultivating and stocking crops. For timber harvesting, he expects to earn about 75.000 euro.

For firewood, greiter was able to propose an unchanged price situation with 50 euros per solid cubic meter – as long wood jerked to the road, for overburden wood (hard) 15 euros per stere and for soft wood 10 euros per stere, which the market town council finally approved.

Greiter also referred to the current obligation to provide proof of a motorized logging course for self-propelled loggers as of 2013, as well as the obligation to use harmless bio-ols and special fuels for logging work.

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