Hundreds of women attended the kunigunde day in bamberg

Hundreds of women attended the kunigunde day in bamberg

Women like katharina hornfeck from erlangen proved at the kunigundenfest on saturday that women can move anything. The church too. The athletic woman swung herself onto the trim bike in the bistumshaus st. Otto and pedaled nine kilometers. At a brisk pace, laughing, cheered on by the surrounding ladies from "team kunigunde, which had organized the diozesan women’s day.

"This is what spab has done!" Katharina hornfleck declared, when she got down from the saddle again. On top of that, she had cycled for a good cause: the catholic german women’s association (KDFB) in the archdiocese of bamberg paid 50 cents per kilometer for a midwifery project in madagascar, which is run by the non-profit association "mobile hilfe madagaskar" (mobile help madagascar) entertainment. During the course of the afternoon on saturday, several euros were collected: hundreds of women came together in the bishop’s house, strolling through a "market of possibilities", attended workshops and listened to the challenging lecture by professor birgit hoyer, a pastoral theologian who explained the connection between "health and faith in god" unfolded.

In keeping with the general theme of the day: "strengthened in body and soul – women, health, spirituality". Even archbishop ludwig schick was inspired: he said that the day had also strengthened him in body and soul. The churchman obviously felt at ease among so much femininity, to which he paid his eloquent homage in his sermon at the festive service: "women are strong in body and soul, they are the supporting pillars of the church and of everyday life!" He called out to the crowd in the packed cathedral.

Schick listed the many services that women perform in the parishes: "women are in the forefront and keep church life going in the parishes and pastoral areas", the archbishop emphasized. Women also have responsible tasks in the ordinariate: "I like to listen to them, learn a lot and am pleased about their healthy self-confidence."

The voice of women is important and their influence is healing, future-oriented and sustainable, continued schick. And: "I would like to see more women in leadership positions and regret that we have not yet made any progress in this area."

Jesus calls women and men

In all the good activities, he felt that the women were not concerned with themselves, with influence, position and power, but with the cause of jesus christ, the archbishop explained. "Jesus calls women and men, this must be more clearly recognized and implemented." He said a heartfelt thank you to all the women who work for the gospel and the community of the church: "like kunigunde, who is an example for women and men".

Due to the rainy weather, the traditional agape with kunigunden rings and wine took place in the cloister of the cathedral and the foyer of the diozesan museum. The don bosco musicians played, the "kunigunden" collected the archiepiscopal hand print for the name day and were pleased about the printed souvenir of this event, which claudia dworazik, the diozesan chairwoman of the women’s association, had ready: the illustration of a rare copperplate engraving from the 18th century. A seventeenth-century portrait of empress kunigunde as a nun in the kaufungen monastery, where she retreated after the death of her husband heinrich in 1024. On the picture you can see her, how she lovingly cares for a fellow sister, who is sick in bed.

This leaf and its meditative text were also in keeping with the health motto of kunigunda day. The youngest kunigunde was very lively on her daddy’s arm. Two and a half years old is this girl, who accepted the congratulations of the archiepiscopal bishop without hesitation.

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