Weather-resistant hobby gardeners at the nudling plant swap

The plant swap offered by the fruit and gardening association in the association garden was again successful. At the beginning there were about 30 interested people, who despite the cold weather didn’t love to stop their visit.

Seedlings for everyone

Even those who had not brought anything to exchange could enrich their home garden with free seedlings of herbs, salads or tomatoes. Above all, the variety of tomato seedlings was – as in the previous year – a "big hit" with the interested visitors. The hobby gardeners can be curious about the different tastes, colors and shapes.

The visitors complimented us on the gardening information and on the coffee and cakes served. It can be assumed that the plant bris will also take place in the coming years.

Noodles: bat droppings as special dung

Chairman arnulf hausdorfer was particularly pleased that a number of guests from several communities of the kissinger bend alliance had come to nudlingen. By the way, it was possible to buy a rarely offered dunger, which member doris hupfer had brought from schloss greifenstein. There were toutes with "bat-guano", a real speciality. This is a dung remedy made from bat droppings.

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