Christian hofler wants to achieve much more for nudlingen

Christian hofler wants to achieve much more for nudlingen

Christian hofler spreads confidence. In the second attempt it should work with the entry into the nudlinger city hall. In the 2014 mayoral election, he received just under 35 percent – as one of three candidates. This year the votes are divided between two candidates. He wants to be ahead of the game. He says: "as mayor you can achieve much more. It is time for change."

The 47-year-old sees different camps in the town as well as in the municipal council. This is certainly also due to the dominant theme of the bypass. "One can be of two minds about this. I did not like the work of the city hall in this matter. The three mayors and the administration were weak in this respect. I miss a clear line." Hofler has seen the bypass for years as a "rough chance for nudlings".

Even if he considers the topic to be "through" for the time being and the decision as to whether the bypass should go ahead at all lies with the federal government and the state building authority: the candidate wants to be in favor of "prompt solutions to relieve traffic congestion" in the inner city. "The community must take the lead in finding and promoting alternatives."

Christian hofler says he feels "that projects are running too slowly and are being dragged out". Much has been left undone. He cites the development of the village. The senior citizens’ housing complex was already a campaign issue six years ago. It is only now that it is on the right track, because the project has been "saved" by parts of the community council of the community council.

He also considers an integrated urban development concept (ISEK) to be important in order to implement projects and obtain funding. Hofler thinks nudlingen around the inner city already is. But there are many construction sites in the town center. Vacancies had to be eliminated and living space created there. A village square with a WLAN hotspot could be a central point of contact. Building areas on the outskirts of towns should only be designated to round off the area. "A lucrative residential community should have the ambition to become even more beautiful, attractive and livable."

"I wanted to make a transparent and honest policy for nudlingen and haard across party lines and be close to the burghers.", hofler promises for the case of his election. The original nudlinger thinks that the working atmosphere in the administration and the building yard is not good. He wants to improve it by talking to the employees. For the 47-year-old, transparency includes a "digital town hall" with more service than before. He is thinking about "municipal geodata management", digital vacancy and solar register.

Hofler is one of the founding members of the energy cooperative. "By 2035 nudlingen should be energy self-sufficient and climate neutral." He wants to achieve this through wind power, photovoltaics and combined heat and power systems. That’s why he thinks the local heating network is important for a large part of the town.

Finally, too little is happening for hofler in youth work as well. He demands new spaces. "The old school in the town center has not survived. A rough town like nudlingen must offer more to the youth."

Three questions for christian hofler

The bypass has kept nudlingen particularly busy over the past months and years. As mayor, how do you intend to reconcile the two camps of opponents and supporters??

We all need to get together now and work on short-term alternatives to reduce traffic congestion. However, a citizens’ forum must be run by the municipality and the mayor, not by individual members of a citizens’ initiative. The clear goal is a timely relief from through traffic. A major concern for me is to protect the ditches that were created in the course of the decision to build the bypass. It is also very important that there is good cooperation in the municipal council for the benefit of all nudlingen citizens, and that the mayor’s policies are transparent and honest.

You are running for mayor for the second time. Why do you see yourself as the ideal local leader of noodles right now??

In nudlingen, it’s time for change! The apparent stagnation in our community over the last six years has only reinforced my decision to run for office. I want to make a difference in my home town, and I want the people to feel good here. After twelve years on the town council, I would now like to direct the development of our town as mayor. My goal: to improve and shape instead of manage! You have to talk to each other to achieve something, not about each other.

As mayor, what facility were you determined to bring to nudlingen in the next six years and why??

The people of nudlingen and haard should be able to stay at home in old age; that is why a "house for seniors" is being built with day care and nursing care point built. Securing shopping facilities is very important; i support the relocation of a supermarket. A doctor’s house was built in the village to maintain the supply of general practitioners and specialists. Overall, I would like to eliminate the investment backlog. Personal details christian hofler is 47 years old and has been married to his wife melanie since 2005. The two have a son. Since 1988, hofler has worked as a technical surveyor at the office for digitization, broadband and surveying in bad kissingen, germany. Hofler also holds a 50 percent position at the state office for digitization, broadband and surveying in munich. He surveys, digitizes and networks the free state, and compiles geodata for the authority. Hofler belonged to the nudlingen parish council for 16 years and was a member of the st board for four years.-johannesverein. He is active in church administration, as a communion server, and as a lector. Since 2011, hofler has been a member of the supervisory board of the energy cooperative. Politics hofler has been a member of the nudlingen town council for twelve years. He has also chaired the burgerblock nudlingen electoral association for a long time. Six years ago, they appointed him spokesman for their local council. Hofler is also chairman of the audit committee.St

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