Cardinal dopfner immortalized on special stamp

Cardinal dopfner immortalized on special stamp

Colonn typography professors iris utiak and michael gais put a lot of thought into a small piece of paper. They were successful with their design for a special stamp in honor of julius cardinal dopfner.

At first, they had considered using a portrait of the church's chief pastor. But then they came to the conclusion that the dopfner quote from 1973 "the church is not lying on the sandbank of destruction, but on the shipyard of renewal – better represent the priest and his work. That's why they made it the main element of the stamp.

The impetus to do this in a banner had been given by medieval paintings. It's a rough conceptual and design challenge to put a theme on a stamp, says michael gais.

"Excellent design"
Opinions about this special postage stamp, the third one created by iris utiak and michael gais, are quite divided. The bishop of wurzburg, friedhelm hofmann, is not dissatisfied with it, but had wanted a different design, just a portrait. Ex-postmaster general wolfgang botsch (CSU) shares the same opinion. He mused: "I have to like the stamp? Must not."

Cardinal karl lehmann of mainz was concerned about the readability of the dopfner quote: he called the lettering "a bit pale. The parliamentary secretary of state in the federal ministry of finance, hartmut koschyk (CSU), on the other hand, liked the design very much: here, using the means of representation of our time, he had succeeded brilliantly in making the subject, which was extraordinarily demanding for a stamp, clear and comprehensible.

This is what koschyk said at the official launch of the brand on monday in the wurzburg retreat house himmelspforten. Time and place were not chosen by chance: the then bishop dopfner had founded himmelspforten and here, under the chairmanship of archbishop robert zollisch (freiburg), the german bishops' conference met, which dopfner had also once presided over.

Rough shaping personality
Bishop friedhelm hofmann called dopfner an "outstanding figure in the german church." He is pleased that it was honored. Archbishop zollitsch called julius cardinal dopfner a "treasured mediator". He was able to do this because "he himself lived from the center of faith, from a deep union with jesus christ. The special stamp is not only a deserved form of remembrance, but can also be a symbol: even in the age of the internet, twitter and facebook, stamps remain a sign of connection and personal communication.

Cardinal dopfner, who was both controversial and close to the people, was a great figure in shaping the life of the church, said secretary of state koschnyk in his detailed eulogy. With the brand, the ministry of finance wants to contribute to keeping his memory alive and to remember the work of this extraordinary churchman. A postage stamp is also an ambassador of a country, its culture and its self-image.

Respect for wars demanded
The politician acknowledged the role of dopfner before and during the II. Vatican council. Here the cardinal had become a spokesman for the progressive majority. He had promoted a renewal of the diaconate, a positive statement on birth control and an improvement in ecumenism. Cardinal dopfner had emphatically demanded a commitment to peace and respect for wars and armed conflicts.

As president of the wurzburg synod (1971 to 1975), he had the task of calling for the implementation of the council's decisions. Here, too, he had to overcome resistance, to promote new ideas and to mediate.

Vita julius dopfner was born on 28. August 1913 in hausen and was ordained a priest in 1939. 1948 he became bishop of wurzburg. In 1957, he moved to berlin, was elevated to cardinal in 1958, and was appointed archbishop of munich and freising in 1961. He played a leading role in the II. He died on the 24th vatican council, which he had significantly influenced. Dopfner, was chairman of the german bishops' conference and president of the joint synod of the bishops of germany. He succumbed on 24. July 1976 a heart attack.

Stamp the 58 cent mark (standard letter) and is 34.89 by 34.89 millimeters coarse. It is printed in leipzig in multicolor offset on coated, female and fluorescent paper. Sold since 8. August and while stocks last. The circulation is about. Six million sticks.

Trio julius dopfner is the first person from bad kissing to have a stamp dedicated to him. Only the hammelburg politicians maria probst (CSU, vice president of the bundestag) and jakob kaiser (CDU, federal minister) have received this honor so far.

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