Arzberg: man wants to return ceiling lamp from his ex – but everything goes wrong when he takes it down

Arzberg: man wants to return ceiling lamp from his ex - but everything goes wrong when he takes it down

A bizarre incident occurred on sunday afternoon in paul-lincke-strabe in arzberg in the district of wunsiedel. According to police, a 29-year-old man unintentionally caused property damage of 500 euros in his ex-girlfriend’s apartment while trying to loosen a ceiling lamp: the man tore down half the ceiling.

Perpetrator took last things from the apartment – with unexpected consequences

Actually, the 29-year-old man only wanted to get his last things from his ex-girlfriend’s apartment. While looking for his clothes, a ceiling lamp caught his eye, which, according to the 29-year-old, was his property.

The lamp was however fixed to the ceiling with a chandelier clamp, which is fastened with screws. Since he didn’t have any tools with him to loosen the chandelier clamp properly, the young man came up with another solution.

Man hangs himself with his full body weight from a ceiling lamp

To avoid a long back and forth, the young man hung himself with full body weight on the lamp to get this out of the wiring so. Unfortunately, the plan backfired: the wiring held much more weight than the ceiling plaster.

1.5 meters of power cable torn out of the ceiling

A whole 1.5 meters of power cable tore out of the ceiling during the attempt, which was severely damaged as a result. The property damage, including labor costs, is estimated at about 500 euros. The 29-year-old man is facing charges for damage to property.

The worst thing for him, however, will probably be that he had to leave the beautiful ceiling lamp at the scene of the crime despite all his efforts – he still lacked the right tools to dismantle the chandelier clamp.

One could think that this is the most curious news from the district of wunsiedel – wrongly thought: a brewmaster who brews his beer almost naked also causes furore in the district.

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