Police listens to the worries

Police listens to the worries

Andreas dorsch everyday life at the police station in hochstadt at night and on weekends: one colleague is sitting at his desk and on the phone in the central office, two are on patrol in a car. They have to cover the extensive service area that stretches from vestenbergsgreuth through hochstadt to rottenbach.

If, for example, an elderly lady from hemhofen calls in on saturday having just been robbed and stolen from, and immediately before that a driver from the parking lot of a supermarket in hochstadt calls in because someone has hit the bumper of his car, the patrol has to decide where to go first. The motorist in the parking lot must wait.

He should also understand that, says hochstadt’s police chief sabine rohrer. She would have liked to use six officers per shift, but she doesn’t have them.

Like many other police departments in bavaria, hochstadt’s is also suffering from a lack of personnel. This becomes clear when burgers call the police, but then may have to wait a little longer until the patrol arrives. "Nevertheless, we are always there for everyone", says rohrer. In emergencies, colleagues from erlangen or herzogenaurach also help out, just as the people from hochstadt step in when there’s a need.

A rough family

The office in hochstadt has a total of 40 employees, including a number of part-time workers. Not all of the positions are filled by a long shot. The still fairly new boss, rohrer, compares her hochstadt staff to a rough family. She appreciates the particularly collegial relationship, in which people help each other out, and also work overtime. The boss doesn’t take the easy way out and even goes out on patrol herself.

Rohrer is confident that the personnel situation will soon improve in hochstadt as well. Their top boss, bavaria’s interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU), recently announced that around 570 newly trained police officers will be available in the fall of this year. According to the press office of the ministry of the interior, 86 of them are to be deployed in central franconia.

463 civil servants will retire in bavaria at this time, which according to the ministry will lead to an increase in personnel of a good hundred civil servants. Overall, herrmann speaks of a record number of new police officers this year. After deducting the retirements, there will be an increase of 300 police officers, including the new recruits in the spring.

However, as sabine rohrer also notes, the police are increasingly confronted with incidents and concerns for which they are not primarily responsible. Police don’t have to be called for parking lot crashes with scratched bumpers. Not even if a deer is run over.

And the police are not the first point of contact when someone wants a crosswalk on wachenrother weg in front of anton wolker elementary school. But rohrer and her colleagues michaela rosenthal and stefanie meier also hoarded this wish at their stand on the market square yesterday. And they assured to pass on the wish to the city in this case.

As part of the bavaria-wide traffic safety program "bayern mobil – sicher ans ziel" (bayern mobile – safely to your destination) the hochstadt police were represented on the market square. The female officers discussed traffic and other topics with the burgers and also promoted a raffle.

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