101 Days of freedom

To another lecture in the series "pictures of the earth city steffen ramer on sunday, 17. February, at 5 pm in the dr.-stammberger hall a. "To fub uber die alpen von vienna bis nizza" hans thurner and anita lechner marched, overcame 9,000 meters of altitude in 101 days – and brought back breathtaking photographs. Title of her multivision: "2000 kilometers of freedom.

The schneeberg and the rax are vienna’s home mountains and thus the home mountains of hans thurner. He often stood up there on clear autumn days and looked westward into the horizon, at the silhouettes of the ever-higher mountains. What if one were to simply set out and go in this direction?? From here, where the mountains begin and on and on – to where they sink into the sea.

A vision come true

A thought that became a vision. A vision that had to be lived. Together with anita lechner, hans thurner set off for vienna at the foot of leopoldberg mountain on the danube. Their route takes them over the viennese mountains, lower tauern, carnian alps, through the dolomites, further south of the western alps, over many stages of the grande traversata delle alpi, through the mountains of the italian piedmont and finally through the sea alps in france. After 101 days of walking they had reached the sea.

What lay in between? What was the greatest challenge? What was to experience, to trace, to grasp? Why was it different because the destination was not a summit but the sea?? In his multivision "2000 kilometers of freedom" hans thurner gives many answers, the lecture is for him more than a travelogue. It is a reminder of the tempo of the natural driving force and of the conscious experience of many individual steps. A counterpart to the rampant keep-it-up-quick activities.

The eye is the camera

On the way in nature: reduced to the basic needs – to one’s own strong and weak, to a backpack, the tent and the mountain boots. Free to encounter the essential. A maximum of encounters through a minimum of speed. The eye of hans thurner – mountain guide, photographer and world traveler – is his camera on this trip. The visitors wander with him in the mountains, valleys and regions. And maybe you will feel like him afterwards: there is still an infinite amount to explore and discover!

Cards for "pictures of the earth tickets are available in advance at buchhandlung friedrich and reisecenter schaffranek, and on sunday afternoons at the dr.-stammberger hall

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