Praise for the carpenters’ guild

Praise for the carpenters' guild

During the trade congress "zukunftsforum schreiner 2019" in furstenfeldbruck, the following awards were presented on the topic of "pride in training" outstanding companies honored with the 2019 thalhofer innovation award of the bavarian carpentry trade. The first prize was awarded to the kulmbach carpenters’ guild, which was selected by the jury as the winner from a large number of entries. She convinced the jury with her extraordinary and innovative activities in the recruitment of young talent. Every year, the guild awakens the craftsmanship spirit of the schoolchildren with a specially developed creative competition at schools throughout the district.

In addition to a self-designed and built piece of work, the task at the training fair is to produce a given piece of work oneself. Both pieces are judged by a jury – and the winners receive not only high recognition but also a small cash prize. The commitment and the wealth of ideas of the participants will be additionally honored with an exhibition of the creative pieces. The jury was also impressed by the numerous other activities of the guild in the field of regional education and the preservation of the vocational school for carpenters. These range from involvement in education fairs to the presentation of the "die gute form" competition to the forest experience days. The demand for training and the recruitment of young people are thus the focal points of the guild’s work. This shows the importance the organization attaches to these issues and the value it places on the training companies.

Every year, the bavarian carpenters’ trade association, together with georg thalhofer ohg, awards the bavarian carpenters’ trade innovation prize, which is endowed with a total of 13,500 euros, on a different theme each year

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