A servant of his church

A servant of his church

In the evangelical-lutheran church congregation st. Egidius kirchleus-gossersdorf said goodbye to a great honorary servant of his church community. Manfred hofmann was honored for his achievements.

In his laudatory speech, the mayor of oldburg, egon herrmann, mentioned that manfred hofmann had been connected with the church since his childhood. Those who know him closely know that he has fulfilled many voluntary tasks without having had a special appointment or an official mandate to do so. For more than seven decades, he was involved in the care of the cemetery and the so-called holy wood (church forest property). From 1966 he was an employee in the heiligenholz, then from 1993 he was the head of the waldhuter. He is responsible for the reforestation and thinning as well as the maintenance of the approximately 40 hectares of coarse sacred wood. Thanks to his responsible and conscientious care, the forest is in top condition, as it should be in the laudatio hieb. From the forest wood are annually provided the wood for the st. John's fire in gossersdorf, the trees for the confirmation and the christmas trees for the churches in the parish.

On the church board

Manfred hofmann also served on the church board from 1976 to 2006. For these three decades, he was thanked with an honorary certificate by the then evangelical bishop of the state, johannes friedrich. For more than 30 years, he has also been a volunteer cemetery caretaker in gossersdorf .

On the building site

Hofmann was also instrumental in the construction of the sacristy at the st.-egidius church involved. The preservation and care of the church are still very important to him today. He still does minor repairs himself – without charging for them. That the st.-the fact that the church of st. Egidius is in such good condition and already looks good is a major achievement of manfred hofmann, emphasized herrmann in his words of thanks. 

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