Logistics project opens up new business opportunities

Because the land is still part of the sandhof business park, is close to highway 279 and has attracted the interest of other users. According to information from our portal, a domestic and reputable forwarding company is planning to build a large logistics center in order to expand its storage capacity and business fields. Rumors of a multi-million investment. The drilling by a specialist company in coburg is to put it on a "safe footing" be put. Does the underground hold out such a project?
As managing director ralf ebner confirmed on request "we are currently still in the final planning phase for our logistics project, so i can only give precise details once our planning has been completed".
The fact that there is an interested buyer for the 1.6 hectare coarse grain field, which is currently leased, leaked out from church board circles. "But nothing has been signed yet and we can not decide on our own. That goes uber wurzburg", it says there. Meant: the episcopal finance chamber, where in the next week a meeting takes place in the affair.
Officially, nothing is known yet about the rough project in the VG building office. Municipal committees have not yet been involved – at least not in public parts. Nevertheless, the planning intentions of the forwarding company, which according to its own information currently has 15,000 square meters of storage space, are known.
"In addition to a large and modern fleet of vehicles, we offer you large capacities in the field of warehouse logistics", says the homepage of the forwarding agency, which also has far-reaching contacts abroad and specializes, among other things, in the transport of solar modules.

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