Kramp-karrenbauer sets her sights on the spd

Kramp-karrenbauer sets her sights on the spd

The CDU is warming up for the upcoming election campaigns in municipalities, several federal states and for the european parliament. Party leader annegret kramp-karrenbauer appeared at several state party conventions on saturday and sharply attacked the SPD.

The CDU chairwoman also positioned herself against a CO2 tax. The european elections will take place in germany on 26. May instead. On the same day, the state parliament in bremen will hold new elections, and local elections are also scheduled in numerous federal states. State elections in brandenburg, saxony and thuringia in the fall. For kramp-karrenbauer, this means that the first tests of loyalty lie ahead after her election as party leader in december 2018. Current poll results are sobering; most institutes have the union below the 30-percent mark.

Kramp-karrenbauer made her first appearance on saturday morning in halle (saale) at the state party conference of the saxony-anhalt cdu. Local elections are coming up in the federal state, and the CDU wants to defend its position as the strongest force. Kramp-karrenbauer clearly rejected a CO2 tax for climate protection and warned that it would burden "small people via fees". Kramp-karrenbauer also denounced the controversial socialism theses of juso leader kevin kuhnert. "I can only say that i never believed that our old election slogan "freedom instead of socialism" would be so successful will be so topical again in an election," she said, referring to one of her party’s campaign slogans from 1976.

A few hours later, at a party conference of the thuringian CDU, kramp-karrenbauer saw kuhnert’s theses as an indication that the SPD was drifting away politically. Even their rejection by the SPD leadership did not change anything, said the CDU leader in erfurt. The proceeding of the SPD reminded it of some dog owners, who also said, their dog wanted to play only if it bit. At the party conference, state party leader mike mohring was elected by 94.2 percent as the top candidate for the state elections on 27 june. October. Mohring wants to bring the CDU back into the state government. The state is currently governed by a coalition of left-wingers, the SPD and the greens.

Later on saturday afternoon, kramp-karrenbauer took part in an election campaign event of the hessian CDU in frankfurt am main.

In schonefeld, at the party conference of the brandenburg CDU, which was elected in the state elections on october 1. Hesse’s minister president and CDU federal vice president, volker bouffier, encouraged his CDU colleagues by saying that the SPD also wants to shed its opposition role again in september. In weingarten, baden-wurttemberg, the state CDU party met on friday and saturday to prepare for the local elections in just over three weeks’ time. The delegates confirmed on friday evening their state leader thomas strobl in office with a mabigen 83.3 percent.

At a party conference of the north rhine-westphalian CDU in dusseldorf, minister president armin laschet called for a fight against right-wing populists and radicals with an eye to the european elections. These are currently the greatest threat to the european project, warned the CDU state leader. NRW christian democrats received support from the CDU and CSU’s top candidate for the european elections, manfred weber (CSU).

The latter appeared in the evening with austrian chancellor sebastian kurz at an election event of the young union in hanover. Both warned there of a strengthening of extremists. "We must do everything possible not to leave our europe to the chaotic left or right," said briefly. Weber said, "i will do everything to defend this europe, and i will not allow nationalists to destroy this europe."Both kurz and weber argued for a more stable and less bureaucratic europe. Weber wants to run for president after election on 26. May succeed eu commission president jean-claude juncker.

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