Adfc demands more safety for cyclists in coburg

Cycling in coburg is dangerous, i know some cyclists who even avoid the ketschendorfer strabe because of that" reports hildegard jacobi, a member of the german bicycle club (adfc) and herself a victim of a serious accident on ketschendorfer strabe a few years ago.

Since the required distance of one and a half meters is usually not observed by cyclists when overtaking, the ADFC would like to make a contribution to greater safety in road traffic.

Protective strips counterproductive

"Paragraph one of the road traffic regulations states that constant caution and mutual consideration are required", explains marita nehring, board member of the ADFC. "In addition, the required side distance when overtaking a cyclist is one and a half meters", says nehring "in some places even two meters".

Unfortunately, this is misjudged or even ignored by most motorists, which is often also due to the safety lane for cyclists. Although this makes cyclists feel safer, it also gives many road users the feeling that the minimum overtaking distance is excessive.

"With our action we want to make clear how large the overtaking distance actually has to be", explains klaus brondke, board member of the ADFC. Nehring adds: "this is taught in the driving school, but in the rarest cases it is really observed." This leads to many cyclists even swerving onto the sidewalk, according to nehring.

Distance to the edge of the road

"First of all, this is forbidden, and secondly, it leads to conflicts with drivers, adds brondke. Many people are also unaware that cyclists should not only keep their distance from other road users, but also from the right-hand edge of the road.

This should be 80 centimeters, because you always have to be prepared for side winds, uneven road surfaces and the possibility of a lane being opened, explains nehring. With a view to the situation in coburg, she adds, "in ketschendorfer strabe, there are also a number of cars parked in a no-stopping zone, which is the wrong way to go".Due to the low percentage of cyclists in coburg, the ADFC lacks the necessary support, the board members regret. In order to draw attention to the action nevertheless, some members wear special warning vests that draw attention to the passing distance.

Don't let it upset you

In addition, the ADFC demands that the different speed levels in traffic be brought into line. "If the speed limit is observed in a 30-mph zone, there is also less risk for cyclists", says nehring. "We recommend every cyclist to have a healthy self-confidence to take the needed road space", according to the board.

The cyclist is a full member of the traffic and should not be put off by impatient drivers, nehring emphasizes.

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