The alcohol was to blame

A false suspicion in an inebriated state had almost brought a 35-year-old from the western district into serious distress, especially as he is still under guardianship. The man had called the kulmbach police station twice and accused his stepbrother of beating his 13-year-old son.
The fatal: both times the officers jolted out in vain, because the suspicion proved to be simply wrong. That is why the 35-year-old had to stand trial before district court judge sieglinde tettmann.
Even before the actual trial, an agreement was reached between the judge, the representative of the public prosecutor’s office and defense attorney andreas piel. Piel explained that there had been no assaults by the stepbrother. The suspicion had been aroused by his client because he was under the influence of alcohol.
With this clarification, the defendant, who is looking forward to fatherhood himself, spared the boy a statement. In addition, tettmann was able to dispense with the questioning of further witnesses. However, she still announced three entries from the federal central register. The preservation officer reported that the defendant had his life back in general order and under control.
The representative of the public prosecutor’s office described it as valuable that the defendant had fully admitted the suspicion of false accusation. Otherwise, the 35-year-old had to expect a fine. Thus, he demanded a fine of 120 daily rates of 15 euros and the assumption of the costs of the proceedings.
Lawyer andreas piel, on the other hand, considered 100 daily sentences of ten euros each to be sufficient in his brief plea and also suggested that the costs of the proceedings be borne by the state treasury.
Judge tettmann imposed a fine of 100 daily sentences of ten euros each. The defendant also has to bear the costs of the proceedings.

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