New brook experience place in podeldorf

The village of podeldorf has been completed with the construction on the "aufsessian meadows" a new part was added, which is worth seeing. Next to the former "old muhle the route heads north to the new construction area, where a senior citizens’ residence for assisted living is also being built. The new "water adventure playground" is already finished and has been occupied by families and children for several days at the grundleinsbach. On the opposite side, there has long been a normal playground with a slide, swing, and revolving carousel.

Thanks to the stones in the creek, which are easy to reach even for small children, it can now also be reached from the south without the detour via schammelsdorfer strabe. Here at the water young and old romp around with joy and enthusiasm. Already the view of the widened brook with many little islands and coarse and small stones for crossing the grundleinsbach makes the heart beat faster and pulls everyone down the few steps to the water, into the water or from stone to stone to the other side or one of the little islands.

Also reinhard teufel arrived with his grandchildren and beagle lenox and swarmed: "this place at the water is a wonderful thing. Especially the kids love it here and can’t get away anymore." Also other visitors praise the municipality for this extension of the creek. Created by harald link as excavator driver of the company pfister.

Avoid flooding

The actual goal of this water management measure, however, was to create a rainwater retention basin by widening and cross-building the grundleinsbach stream, in which 2,000 cubic meters of water would first be impounded and then slowly transferred. In this way, the municipality of litzendorf and the water management office in kronach want to prevent the flooding of houses, roads and fields further downstream during heavy rainfall. Legal requirements have been fulfilled. The engineering office michael ederer calls the whole an oekologisch through-going ramp with basin pass system and ascent channel. The diversion will create additional retention space in the water area.

The tree removals are not yet completely finished. Humus must be applied to the banks, planting is still taking place. Further east, a bridge for pedestrians is being built, so that shopping at the supermarket will be safe from the north as well. The area around the old weir is also being redesigned and a fish pass is being built. Mayor wolfgang mohrlein (CSU) mentions the cost of about 370 000 euros, but points to the requirement of 60 percent and says: "we have combined here the requirements of the office with the sparing and demanding for our children and population."

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