A letter from coburg to the head of the railroad company

It’s part of the railroad’s business to run late. Even more serious, however, are delays that mayor norbert tessmer (SPD) and IHK president friedrich herdan have now listed in a letter to bahn CEO richard lutz. Since march, construction work on the adamistrabe parking lot has not been able to continue because the relevant railroad authorities have not yet approved the plans.
Affected is on the one hand the stairway to the future parking lot. This used to be the stairway to platform 6, which has long since disappeared. Therefore, the stairway shaft was filled and sealed. The city had an investigation carried out at its own expense to determine whether this stairway could be used again. But for the past eight weeks, it has been waiting for the railroad to approve the plans for the grounding of the staircase and the roofing. The city is spending a total of over 1.2 million euros to build the parking lot. The area in question belongs to DB immobilien, DB bahnpark will lease and operate the finished parking lot. All that the city does to provide sufficient parking space for rail passengers, as tessmer and herdan make clear in their letter.
But also to the plans for the parking lot the railroad has not yet come out, criticize tessmer and herdan. "The city of coburg complies with all DB requirements: relocation of a high-voltage pylon, bypassing and enclosing DB facilities, fencing, safety inspections, etc.", the letter states. The railroad did not say anything about the fact that the flat is now to be asphalted (instead of gravelled), nor did they release the lighting for the parking lot, although the city financed it all.
The city is actually used to long waiting times: it has been struggling for the adamistrabe parking lot for over four years. For a long time, there was also talk of a parking garage in the lossaustrabe, right next to the station building. However, this failed in 2014 because DB services immobilien gmbh did not want to sell the land "although the city of coburg had already generated several investors and operators and had to bear not inconsiderable planning costs".
Herdan and tessmer also criticize the station itself: it is "probably one of the most unattractive railway stations in germany", due to the "investment backlog" that has lasted for years. Among other things, toilets, lockers and waiting rooms are missing, not to mention the need for renovation. The city has invested several million euros in recent years to make the area around the train station more attractive.
Tessmer and herdan repeatedly refer to lutz’s goal of getting more passengers on the rails. Since the ICE stop in coburg is developing positively, they expect a further expansion of the offer. But if attractiveness, demand and business success are really to increase, lutz must take to heart what he himself said at the railroad’s balance sheet press conference: "pleasing figures cannot hide the fact that we must improve quality."

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