Kronach cantors are “transfigurers of the faith

Kronach cantors are

Organists and cantors from nordhalben, marktrodach, kronach and effelter met in the parish church st. Bartholomaus in nordhalben for a training course.

The basilica organist from vierzehnheiligen, georg hagel, participated in the exchange of information on the rieger organ. He explained the possible tonal colors of the individual stops and the many possible combinations when playing with two manuals and pedal.

The special charms of the swell, the suspended register "vox coelestis" (himmelsstimme), the tremulant and the couplers as well as the thousandfold electronic typesetting possibilities as playing aids were vividly conveyed by hagel to the interested listeners.

"Reaching the hearts of the faithful"

The studied A-musician and regional cantor for the deaneries of lichtenfels, coburg kronach and teuschnitz also spoke very forcefully about the position of an organist in a church service. This is not an artist who bows after the concert and receives the applause. He is rather a transcriber of faith.

If the organist not only accompanies the congregation in singing the liturgical organ, but also reaches the hearts of the faithful and allows their souls to be lifted up in prayer to god, then he has fulfilled his mission of proclamation. Then the organist not only framed the service, but participated in it at the organ, just like the priest at the altar. Everyone should be aware of this task during the service, explained georg hagel.

Experiences exchanged

Many experiences were exchanged during the dinner that followed. The inadequacies that organists have to put up with at various organs in the district were also discussed. Many complaints are made against those responsible for the renovation and repair of the instruments, but they are not heard: only trained organ builders should actually be entrusted with the tuning or renovation of the "queen of instruments", as the organ is reverently called, are entrusted with the task. Humorous episodes from church musician circles brought an information-packed evening to a close.

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