The flowery kitzingen: everyone is a winner

the flowery kitzingen: everyone is a winner

The name "goldberg" written in "flowery" letters can be read from far away, when driving from mainbernheim or hoheim to kitzingen. In may, visitors to goldberg day received two pots of begonias each for mothers’ day.

One was allowed to be taken home, the other found a place in a rough flower bed at the junction with max-planck-strabe. Since then about 2500 red and weibe 2500 begonias dug the visitor of the city.

The campaign was initiated by the goldberg community, which was one of many that contributed to achieving first place in the entente florale competition. A number of businesses have set up additional "green bread corners" with edible vitamin dispensers.

On tuesday, manfred freitag, diana schmidt, tanja dinkel, anne busch, barbara schleyer, michaela iglhaut and bernhard nagle from the goldberg team met at the beet. They promised that in 2014 they will again help to ensure that kitzingen is successful in winning the title of european champion at the entente florale.

The entente florale (french for floral agreement) is a europe-wide competition that aims to encourage citizens in cities, towns and villages to improve the quality of their homes and lives. The original plant and flower competition has meanwhile developed into a competition that places considerably more demands on the applicants than a purely visual preservation of the townscape.

Participants in the meantime come from twelve european countries. Kitzingen has won gold at the national entente florale competition and will represent germany in the european decision of the competition in 2014. The decision has been made since 27. August publicly, when it was announced in mainz at the german final event on the land of the ZDF-television garden.

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