Living the love of home and tradition

Living the love of home and tradition

After the boys’ kirchweih parade on sunday, yesterday was the second rough day at the wiesenbronn kerm. Traditionally, the civic guard and the boys marched in front of the town hall for the roll call. 104 burgers and 25 boys expressed their attachment to their home community and also their sense of tradition.

What gave mayor doris paul cause for special rejoicing during her speech from the city hall window. This time, as a thank you for this love of home and tradition, the community invited him to the burgerball in the evening "free admission". The mayoress quoted from an article of the "generalanzeiger", that "old needs such as the change of mark and burgerauszug outlasted the change of the time". Which has its roots not least in a sense of home: "the burghers of wiesenbronn hold on to it with great loyalty and cultivate its heritage," says another quote from the generalanzeiger. "Every time i go home and see the church, i think that’s where we belong," confessed the mayor.

She thanked the boys for the great parade on sunday and the sermon after the float. For the sermon, she also thanked pastor esther mostly "and if this year’s burger king lives near the church, we could walk through it once". It was recalled that the 2014 kirchweih was held for the 411th time. The first time a party is held. Doris paul was also pleased about the many spectators, some of them from the rhineland, who were impressed by the procession of the burgerwehr and the boys. She was equally pleased that the schoolchildren were again involved in carrying the prizes for the burgershuffle. Rough praise for the musicians from groblangheim.

Alfred wehrwein, the former commander of the burgerwehr, was given a farewell with all honors. He handed over his office to younger hands for health reasons. His successor is fire department commander norbert stock, who then directed the fire department to march off. Mayor doris paul presented an etching with wiesenbronn motifs as a sign of thanks. "Everything has its time, the decision was not easy for me," said wehrwein, who was bidden farewell with strong applause from the burgerwehr.

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