Market wants to get roberish

No, mayor patricia schieber doesn’t wear a jester’s cap at the market town council meeting on mardi gras, councilwoman gisela bergel doesn’t have scissors with her to cut off her colleagues’ ties, and the audience doesn’t throw confetti either. Quite the opposite, dry obligatory tasks stands on the agenda, which suggests however zundstoff.

This starts with the building application for the "extension and conversion of the existing consumer market": on the one hand, the committee wants to retain the market, which is important for the supply of goods, and to take account of the desire for extension. Knowing full well that the major corporation in colombia has to be very careful with its calculations and can quickly close down a site. However, 300 square meters more floor space, exceeding building limits and building length, as well as ten additional parking spaces are aspects that clearly go beyond the existing development plan.

Not only councillor elmar hofmann argues that the municipality is being put under such pressure, he would like to obtain the necessary exemptions from the conditions of the development plan from the licensing authority. The district administration, however, refers to the government and demands a new development plan, with all its extensive consequences.

The mayor has a tough job, but in her opinion the "desirable little service road" is a good one not to walk on. This argumentation the council agrees and decides with eleven to one vote, as the first step of the procedure "bebauungsplan siebenacker" getting the urban land use planning off the ground.

The construction of a machine hall and a winter shelter for horses is also controversial. Since the site is located in the auben area and is used for agricultural purposes, the municipality has no legal means of preventing the project. The motion was passed by eight votes to four.

To the builder of a double garage "am bauholz" the necessary deviations from the development plan will be approved, if he still submits the boundary distance. Also for a requested carport "at the construction wood" approval is granted.

Praise for youth work

The pro jugend association looks after the youth of euerdorf for seven hours a week. The municipality will spend 12,000 euros on this in 2019. Money well spent, says councillor christian rost, who praises the creative work of youth worker kathrin kuhn.

Additional work by the heil construction company on the town hall building, such as demolition of foundations, fall protection and dismantling of WC containers, once again cause heated discussions, even if the amounts involved are only in the four-digit range. For new positions in wood construction, the company vogelhuber is approved 127,000 euros, but other positions – including metal work – are eliminated in the amount of 46,000 euros. The company bruckmuller from munnerstadt is awarded the contract for the drywall works. Their most economical offer is 121,000 euros.

Drastically increased costs compared to an initial plan from 2015 for the creation of a required sewer cadastre bring the mood in the council again in "foolish" high. The required sewer inspection and data collection are now expected to cost 244,000 euros. That was too strong a blow for all the advisors. The mayor proposed to first use the data already collected in the last few years from sewer surveys carried out as in the "breet" to use in wirmsthal and smaller straben, to collect further ideas and to take the item from the agenda. The committee agreed to this.

Reference was made to the castle meetings on 2. April at 19.30 o’clock in euerdorf (fire station), and on the 4. April at 19. 30 o’clock in wirmsthal (inn hirschen).

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