Wrong speed sensor

On wednesday afternoon, officers of the technical control group temporarily immobilized a tractor-trailer: according to the police report, an incorrect speed sensor had been installed.

At 12.At 30 o’clock the specialists of the highway police checked a tractor-trailer with turkish registration at the freeway station in geiselwind. When they examined the digital control device and the built-in pulse generator, the so-called KITAS, they found inconsistencies.

The KITAS converts the speed determined by a sensor into electrical pulses and passes them on to the tachograph. The control unit and the KITAS together constitute an approved system unit. In this case, however, a false KITAS, which could be manipulated by magnetic influence, was installed.

The semitrailer was escorted to a garage. The approved pulse generator had to be installed there before continuing the journey. Since the 58-year-old driver does not have a permanent residence in germany, he had to pay a security deposit. A high three-digit amount had to be paid.

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