Vw inspects 17000 cars for hail damage

Vw inspects 17000 cars for hail damage

The control volume is immense. "As a result, we will only deliver vehicles that are 100 percent," said the VW spokesman. It is foreseeable that a "substantial part" is considerably damaged. In these cases, customers received a new car from future production – with a corresponding waiting period. Customers get cars with minor dents after repair with model-dependent discounts.

VW is insured against the millions in damage, but the logistical consequences are enormous. Thousands of customers have to be informed, and checking and repairing the vehicles takes up personnel and factory resources. This leads to traceable delays. In the core brand VW passenger cars, the industry giant expects that there will be a minus in the german market in the sales statistics august and september. This should be made up for by the end of the year.

This is not the first time that VW has been hit by hailstorm damage. Five years ago, in the summer of 2008, hailstones damaged around 30,000 new cars at VW in emden. The passat is built there. Golf, golf plus, tiguan and touran roll off the production lines in wolfsburg.

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