An action cooking course especially for men

An action cooking course especially for men

Rico pfitzner doesn't just stand at the stove and cook. He offers a little cooking show. The many steps that take the average hobby cook many minutes, if not hours, come easily to him as if by magic. For the 33-year-old, a lot of things are child's play, because cooking is his passion. And by the way he conducts the cake ensemble, this evening two of his teammates, maria and tobias, support him.

Several times a year, rico pfitzner passes on his knowledge to hobby cooks. The cooking courses for men are particularly fun for the cake chef of the hotel restaurant rodiger. The manner in which they participate is highly motivated. They ask with interest, the advanced hobby cooks have more detailed questions. You can read the honest admiration on their faces because rico pfitzner gives them tips and tricks so confidently. "I'll give you the basis", he says "you could refine it yourself".

Extensive recipe register
Such a course lasts five to six hours – including the feast afterwards. Rico pfitzner has eleven dishes on his recipe register this time: egg spatzle, pasta dough, carbonara sauce, cocktail sauce, cream of cauliflower soup, avocado dip, chicken rest, chicken fricassee, quick sauces for short roasts, cream sauces and roast neck of pork. Uff!

Of course, rico pfitzner and his team have prepared a lot to speed up the course, after all, no one cooks an eleven-course menu at home. Professionals prepare themselves, as every tv zapper knows from all those cooking shows.

Cooking has to do with creativity
Rico pfitzner grew up near bad salzungen. "Both my grannies liked to stand at the stove. When i was a little boy, i liked to watch and help cook", he says. He asked his grannies holes in their bellies. But his childish questions were often met with evasive answers: "you'll see, won't you?." He quickly found out that cooking is all about creativity and flair, as well as trial and error.

Rico pfitzner learned the higher arts of cooking in fulda, eisenach and switzerland, among other places. For five years he has led the rodiger team. He attaches great importance to healthy food. For himself, he tries not to cook anything too hearty, preferring to prepare something vegetarian "because it's very versatile".

How the idea of offering men's cooking classes came about? Rico pfitzner grins as if to say: this is especially necessary for men. But he answers that he and his boss marco rodiger came up with the idea together. Put simply and without snorkel: "let's do something for manner." They had in mind uncomplicated dishes that everyone can cook at home. Rico pfitzner expresses himself pointedly: "with spices that are available in every kuche, so that you don't have to go to the pharmacy to get the ingredients first."

The guest's opinion is important
The judgment of a guest is always important to the cake chef. "It's easy to get praise, but it's also easy to get reprimanded", he says. You have to handle it professionally. When he was new in france, the thuringian tells, he had already swallowed, because a guest on the question, whether it tasted, answered: "hat scho' gebassd!" When it was explained to rico pfitzner that this taciturn expression was the highest french praise, the world was all right again for him.

During the cooking course rico whirls through the kitchen with a lot of energy. The roast pork is not allowed to burn in the oven, pasta dough is prepared, rolled out, turned through the pasta machine, sauces are composed, eggs are beaten and scrambled, avocados and cauliflower are cut, steaks are effectively flambeed with calvados. Rico pfitzner bubbles; he talks a lot with his hands, as if he were conducting – a kurt masur of the cooking pots.

Relativity theory of cooking
Again and again, the men ask ("when do you use shallots, when onions?")?"), and "master bocuse" means gives detailed answers. At some point, the course participants start to get a little confused; they joke that, unfortunately, no one can retain all this knowledge overkill and that what looks so easy here is much more difficult to do at home. Don't worry," says rico pfitzner, "I have compiled all the recipes for you to read in a folder.

"Cooking is actually easy, you just have to have a little know-how", says the master. If you cook according to recipes, you should prepare the ingredients "otherwise it's no fun". Exhausted, but happy, one of the cake apprentices judges after the evening-filling, but entertaining course: "we can't do this often enough, we always learn something new"."

Cooking and tasting is followed by eating. The table bends, so much is dished up. There is now less talking than before at the stove. Savour and silence. Frankish praise. Rico pfitzner, the not at all mouthy lecturer, confesses with an ironic grin: "actually, i'm a rather quiet person." But because it is fortunately not, after this evening, the men go home with a rough treasure trove of know-how.

Recipe for preparing a carbonara sauce

Ingredients 200g streaky bacon; boiled ham; a chopped clove of garlic; half a medium onion, finely diced; a tablespoon of sunflower oil; four egg yolks; 200 ml of cream; 50 g of grated parmesan; salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Preparation mix four spoonfuls of cream with egg yolk and half of parmesan cheese. Set up a pan and heat it, pour in the oil and fry the bacon or boiled ham, add the onions and cook until translucent, then add the garlic, deglaze with cream and bring to the boil. Season to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg, add the cream and yolk mixture and remove from the heat; the sauce must not boil any more, otherwise the egg will flocculate.

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