Start mind training as soon as possible

Start mind training as soon as possible

If the gray cells are not trained regularly, the brain’s efficiency will decrease in old age. Erika schneider, the senior citizens’ representative and course leader, therefore offers memory training for seniors in heroldsberg and forchheim.

"It’s about a holistic approach, because you have to train body, mind and soul," says erika schneider, explains erika schneider. Prerequisite for the memorization is a good blood circulation and a good alternation in the brain. Therefore the instructor starts the seminar with exercises for head and joints. In addition to the actual memory exercises, there is singing and dancing while sitting down. "It’s important to do something regularly," she says, says erika schneider.

Search and loose

Seniors can do this at home as well. For example, solving a crossword puzzle requires concentration and memory. Simple mental arithmetic also keeps the brain fit. Or you learn poems by heart. "If you read a newspaper, you can quickly look for the letter E in a text with your eyes, for example, and then check to see if you’ve found all of them, advice from the seniors’ representative. She also recommends reading words backwards or holding a mirror over the text and then trying to read in it. "The more unusual, the better, says erika schneider. Or you learn the shopping list by heart and go shopping without it.

The senior citizens’ representative herself is currently learning to juggle: "with two bales, that’s already a challenge. But it’s good for the brain." She also advises the seniors to go for walks together. "You can also do simple exercises: for example, recite capitals alphabetically while running", erika schneider recommends. And she advises people to start training their minds as soon as possible to counteract the degradation as early as possible.

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