The purest natural idyll awaits

From lichtenfels to the weihersmuhle in the kleinziegenfelder valley: the following 20-kilometer tour starts at the sports center at the friedenslinde. Here we follow the 6 mark (black 6 on yellowish background) to the "iron hand", a few hundred meters from the starting point, at the "lasso point" of round path 6 right orientate.

On the mainwanderweg

At the "iron hand we change straight ahead to the mainwanderweg (M), which leads us on another very attractive path to a forest road, where we turn left, and immediately right again. The mainwanderweg leads us past the rehbrunnen, then together with the frankenweg via roth into the tranquil village of isling. From here on, the red diagonal cross is important for us, which leads into the forest above the soccer field and will determine a very gentle section of the trail, which many non-islingers have not yet been able to get to know.
It soon goes steeply uphill in the forest. Shortly before we reach the high plateau, we enjoy the view towards isling and the mountain ranges in the background at a cleared spot. When we reach the plateau, we leave the forest and walk first left along the edge of the forest, largely on an open plain, past altendorf, in the direction of kottel. Shortly before the beautiful jurassic village, we came across the green ring symbol, which we will now follow on the right to the weihersmuhle. The first juniper grasslands with interspersed rocks shortly before kottel already put us in the mood for the kleinziegenfelder valley. We cross the village and soon reach the "kottler grund", a very idyllic and completely unobstructed valley bottom that ends at the weihersmuhle. Here or in the schrepfersmuhle (reachable in a quarter of an hour via the 4er trail) a cosy stop is offered.

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