Seehofer: distribution of rescued people yes, “opening the borders” no

Seehofer: distribution of rescued people yes, 'opening the borders' no

At the meeting of EU interior ministers, german interior minister horst seehofer (CSU) wants to promote a "temporary transitional arrangement" for the distribution of migrants rescued from distress at sea.

In his opinion, there should not be fixed admission quotas for certain countries. In this way, he wants to prevent "it from being understood as a de facto opening of the border," seehofer said in berlin at the presentation of the annual report of the federal police for 2018.

Rescuing migrants from drowning and then bringing them to a safe port is a matter of course, the interior minister said before leaving for the eu meeting in helsinki. He stressed, however, that "this does not necessarily have to be a european port."Seehofer expressly praised italy’s support for the libyan coast guard.

Federal police president dieter romann said that the nearest ports on the north african coast were "naturally suitable" for taking in the rescued people. However, due to the armed conflict in libya, libyan ports are currently exempt from this, romann and seehofer explained.

In view of the dangers in libya, the aid organization arzte ohne grenzen called on the federal government "to organize evacuation flights now for the refugees and migrants trapped in the war zone.". 3800 people are in acute danger in the official internment camps near the front lines in and around tripoli, he said. Some are caught in close proximity to military installations and are therefore particularly at risk, he said.

Document and visa advisers of the federal police prevented 34 in the past year.516 unauthorized entries into germany already in advance. This corresponds to an increase of 8.6 percent compared to the previous year. According to the agency’s annual report, the 64 advisors are present in 27 countries at foreign border services, transport companies and visa offices of the german missions abroad. Most of them are deployed in asia.

Last year, 42 migrants were detained at germany’s borders.478 unauthorized entries detected – a 15 percent decrease compared to 2017. Romann lamented that many deportations fail before they even begin. He said: "with the return alone we will not get the problem of unauthorized entry under control."

Seehofer spoke out in favor of intensifying the dragnet at the german borders. It should also be considered whether this form of "intelligent border security" should be extended beyond the current radius of 30 kilometers on this side of the border.

Seehofer referred to the planned increase in the number of jobs from the current level of around 47 by the end of 2021.000 employees to around 50.000 positions with the federal police. He says it has become clear to him "that the sense of security does not run in sync with crime statistics". For this reason, he said, it was also important for him that the citizens saw more police officers on the streets – for example, at train stations.

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