Hochstadt high school students teach teachers

Hochstadt high school students teach teachers

Experiments with magnets, fire, water, and bridges were what the upper-grade students at hochstadt high school chose for their project seminar.

Seminar leader ulrike herzog (math, chemistry) has already established many contacts with elementary schools in the past years when presenting the grammar school mathematics lessons. Therefore, it was obvious that the high school students would present their "tangible" products in the truest sense of the word showing elementary school students how to experiment, explaining the physical and chemical background and letting them try things out for themselves.

Due to the current pandemic this was unfortunately not possible. Interested teachers from the anton wolker elementary school therefore served as substitute teachers. The colleagues were very interested and enjoyed trying things out, studying the workbooks and posters, and watching the explanatory films.

At the end, principal rosi wagner thanked her colleague herzog from the gymnasium and her students for their great commitment and hoped that the preserved cooperation would continue in the future.

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