Portner succeeds hausmann

Portner succeeds hausmann

According to the police prasidium of lower franconia, the hammelburg police station (PI) serves nearly 28,000 residents in nine municipalities covering an area of 425 square kilometers. In august 2019, alfons hausmann retired as head of PI, and martin kuhn took over as interim head for six months in september. It is now clear that christian portner (44) from kleinbrach will officially succeed hausmann as head of PI in march. "I’ve been to hammelburg before, I know some of my colleagues there and I’m looking forward to the job, says portner.

As a youngster, he often went to the folk festivals in saaleabwarts, portner tells from hammelburg. His father sometimes took him to work at the fuchsstadt radio station. "I’m still staying in my home country", he also points out that many of his current contacts are also responsible for hammelburg: portner has been deputy head of the bad kissingen police department since 2015. From the rescue service to the district fire department to the district administration office, he was able to continue to use his contacts.

"It’s hard to say goodbye," says, says the father of two. He will miss the good working atmosphere and the collegiality at the bad kissingen office. He is well connected in his hometown of bad kissingen and appreciates the short distances. "I can go to the police station from time to time." The proximity to his home also has disadvantages: "it’s often hard to switch off, says portner, who is also very active in social media.

Moving into the new building

Portner has to smile about his close relationship with alfons hausmann: during his first internship in 1995/1996 at the bad kissingen police station, hausmann was his service group leader. "At that time, I took part in the relocation of the station from landwehrstrabe to the barracks here", portner recalls. After graduating from the civil service college in sulzbach-rosenberg as the best in his class, his path took him to the later dissolved oberthulba highway station in 1997. Portner still remembers his first really serious accident: back then, a truck plunged off the old sinntal freeway bridge.

In 1998, portner moved to the schweinfurt police department; from 1999 to 2001, he went to bad kissingen, then to the operations center of the schweinfurt police department. At his next station, portner relieved hausmann as head of the service group at the schweinfurt police station. From 2005, portner was involved in the reorganization of the bavarian police: the directorates were dissolved, and the man from bad kissingen worked in a project group on the new police headquarters in lower franconia. "It was a valuable time in which we were able to shape a lot of things", he tells. After three and a half years in the wurzburg operations center and a trip to the police prasidium, he came in 2009 on a temporary basis for half a year as deputy station chief at the PI hammelburg. From there, he went to bad bruckenau in the same capacity, where portner again relieved alfons hausmann.

Smaller office

"Everywhere I went, the smell of alfons hausmann was in the office", says portner with a smile, and: "that’s why we’re also friends." The succession continued: after five years in bad bruckenau, portner succeeded hausmann as deputy head of the bad kissing police department in 2015. So now, almost five years later, there is another succession to hausmann, even if there was a transitional solution with martin kuhn. "This is a coherent step for my development", portner explains his application to hammelburg. The department is smaller than the bad kissingen police station, but: "it’s an overall responsibility as head of the department."

Christian portner, who was born in bad kissingen in 1975 and graduated from high school there in 1994, will be a member of the board of management on monday, 2. March, officially introduced to the new service. He is then responsible for safety in the nine municipalities of aura, elfershausen, euerdorf, fuchsstadt, hammelburg, oberthulba, ramsthal, sulzthal and wartmannsroth.

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