How christian schmidt surprised in walsdorf

In the approaching I had seen SPD-grande dame lilly kunzel. And also the chronicler gottlieb honold stayed in the center of the village. But then it was christian schmidt who was the first to pass by our FT-chairs and take a seat. For what was to happen in the center of walsdorf, gottlieb honold is of course already interested because of his honorary position – as a chronologist of walsdorf. As for almost six decades, his wife maria is naturally at his side. So they both take a seat on a blanket on the stairs and listen to the conversation with christian schmidt. But there is still a very special surprise in store for her.

Christian schmidt naturally rode his e-bike from kolmsdorf to walsdorf. After all, he has been practicing this hobby for six years and has pedaled a good 30,000 kilometers during that time. One of schmidt’s hobbies, as we will learn a little later on.

The middle of three boys of the schmidt family was born in scheblitz. Which thus made him a "dragged in" made: "i’ve only lived in kolmsdorf for 41 years", the 48-year-old is almost a little apologetic.

Anyway, the family of five found a suitable rental apartment in the west of the district, on a farm. And christian has already experienced a lot at a young age and lent a hand at an early age. "I was driving a bulldog when I was ten years old," he says, he remembers proudly. "I have always worked, even as a little boy", he says. Among other things, at home. There in the family toys were assembled, bagged, paid for. The new-kolmsdorfer was also soon business-minded, as his descriptions show. "I collected deposit bottles in ditches – and converted them into substitutes in the shank." He collected acorns and chestnuts to sell to the forester. A practical child.

"Practical was also the election present, christian schmidt attests to walsdorf’s new mayor mario wolff, when he briefly stops by the FT chairs. He wanted to distribute the customs sticks in a meaningful way, wolff confirms, and says goodbye to honolds and schmidt for his next appointment.

Even as a child, christian schmidt helped to build a house "from the foundation stone to the last slat". The cause of the new building was tragic: the barn and stable on the farm, where the family lived in an apartment, had burned down. "In broad daylight, my younger brother and I were in the woods and saw smoke." When they realized that the fire was right next to them "it was a shock". The whole thing happened in the 80s.

Here gottlieb honold speaks up and can concretize the event with the help of his chronicle. "That was in 1982", it comes from the stairs.

Because he was good with his hands, christian schmidt did an apprenticeship as a carpenter. He still likes the job today: "it’s versatile, creative, and very interesting. You see what you do. It’s the same with the baker, but not for long", he explains mischievously. Schmidt remained a journeyman "because I saw no sense in the master", he finally did not want to make himself independent. That would have been probably also not with his rough hobby to unite.

At the keyboard at 13

As the honolds on the stairs were amazed to hear, christian schmidt has been performing as a solo entertainer for 30 years: "weddings, carnival, anniversary celebrations and the like" in the area between bamberg and nurnberg. How did he get? Even as a youngster, he was fascinated to stand next to musicians at events and was fascinated by all the lights, lamps, switches and buttons. "When I was 13, I bought a keyboard." And then he taught himself everything little by little. Also clarinet. He only took lessons for the saxophone and the panflote. His repertoire? "Hits, folk music, oldies, rock music, instrumental music". He is quite broadly positioned as far as his taste is concerned. He has about 900 titles on offer. Before corona he was in action almost every weekend.

But now it’s time for a taste test! What honold liked? "Red lips should be kissed!" No problem. Schmidt gets lyrics and instrumental music over his smartphone and off he goes. Gottlieb honold, who was himself an organist and choir director, snaps and sings along. Finally, a kiss for the wife.

Schmidt, on the other hand, is a convinced single: "if you are a solo entertainer, that is not very advantageous for a relationship", he thinks and is satisfied. With his life, with everything. "Everything as it is is wonderful." He is in good health and financially he is well. "No divorces, no children to pay for. And I can actually do what I like ." Schmidt still likes to live in kolmsdorf as a tenant. The parents, for their part, have stayed here. He invested his money in condominiums. So he doesn’t have to worry about anything, except getting to know new tenants "so that I know who I’m dealing with". Because he can do whatever he wants, christian schmitt has already taken 15 cruises, but he stopped before corona. But to berlin, which he visits every year, he will probably come this year.

Wish not fulfilled

Surely also with the bicycle to the gas station to stegaurach, in order to drink there with youth friend benno "a kaffla". What else does our interview partner wish for?? "The fact that it still stays a little dry." Unfortunately it did not stay that way. But even though we couldn’t quite fill the 60 minutes, honolds and i learned a lot about a happy person.

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