Glandorf: “i can’t half-gas”

Glandorf: 'I can't half-gas'

Despite great performances in the bundesliga, the 29-year-old world champion from 2007 is plagued by health problems as a result of a bacterial infection in his left achilles tendon from april. In an interview with the dpa news agency, the SG flensburg-handewitt backcourt player talks for the first time in detail about the reasons for his world cup cancellation, the threat of a disfigurement and his desire to make a comeback to the national team in april 2013.

Why did you cancel your participation in the world championship??

Glandorf: “for one thing, i”m still in rehabilitation from my injury story from april with the fub. In addition, a few complications have arisen, which I have already announced to the public, but which of course can be managed well. But just to adjust the medication correctly, I need a certain period of time. This will happen very soon. That”s why I”ve cancelled my participation in the world championships this year. Also, I have a series of medical tests coming up in january. These are important to get back to my usual form soon, so that I can constantly bring the performance that everyone is used to from me.”

National coach martin heuberger has built bridges for them to participate in the world championship in languages. Why did you not go over this? And how did he react to that?

Glandorf: "of course he was disappointed. I can absolutely understand that. I am also sad that I had to cancel. I am not the one who says I have no desire to play national team. Quite the opposite. I also liked to have a faster rehabilitation. But five games in seven days in the preliminary round alone are not enough for my body. And as for the prints: what was partly written, that I should come to the training course later, for example, that was new to me. But who knows me and who knows my way of playing: I can not half-gas. Either I do it completely or not at all. And I just need a certain period of time, not just one or two days, so a longer break. My medical file is now known to all of handball-germany. One should not be frivolous with this matter."

Is the cancellation of the world cup now the beginning of a creeping farewell process??

Glandorf: " no, not at all. Even in my hospital bed in april after the whole thing, where I was certainly also very upset, understandably, I always said I didn"t want to end my career in the club or in the national team like that. I like to decide for myself when I stop playing. I have always wanted and been proud to play for the national team."

Let"s go back to april: is it true that there was a risk of a fubamputation??

Glandorf: "yes, certainly. The doctors concluded relatively quickly that it could be such an infection and put me under observation and intervened in time. If the intervention was made too late, then there was no other step to take. I have also received enough letters from spectators and fans who have had very tragic falls and who have had the whole leg or up to the knee taken off the fub. Fortunately, it didn’t happen like that and I can play handball again. That is the most important thing for me."

In your annual report you surely say: thank god, it all went well?

Glandorf: "yes, definitely. It was enough for me that my career was hanging by a thread. The fact that I can slowly work my way back to my old form makes me happy. I have a lot of fun and joy playing handball, and you can see that on the playing field. To accuse me of not wanting to play after everything I’ve experienced this year, that’s a shame and a disappointment for me. Because that’s the nicest thing you can do: turn your hobby into your profession."

In what way did your club influence the cancellation of the world championships??

Glandorf: "I had said that I would go to the national team, they had supported me. I was in no way put under pressure or anything else."

When do you plan to return to the national team??

Glandorf: "if I have my way: soon! I hope that I will get all my health issues sorted out in january and that everything will run smoothly. Then of course I would like to come back very soon. Very important qualifying games coming up in april. If my performance is good and the national coach wants me to participate, I will be happy to do so."

In the club, despite the many injured, you and the team are doing really well. What can the team achieve?

Glandorf: "we are on the third place. We want to reach the champions league again. We still have two games in this calendar year and hope that after the world cup break a large part of the injured players will return, so that we then also have more width in the squad. That was also a topic in the media, that I play so well at the club and then don’t go to the world cup with me. Of course, the injury situation has been very delicate for me, too."


Glandorf: "actually, it was planned quite differently, that I would be built up gently. The fact that five backcourt players were injured didn’t play into my cards. But I just had to go for it. I think my club had to do without me long enough."

It was not a problem for them to resign from the club for the time being?

Glandorf: "if we had had enough players, it would have been an issue. Our trainer is fully involved, he knows what’s going on. He tries to give me breaks in the game despite the many injured players. And if it’s only a change of defense and attack."

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