Benedikt morsch shows how sounds become photo art

Benedikt morsch shows how sounds become photo art

"The world is sound as the "german jazz pope" put it in the 1980s joachim-ernst berendt summarized his extensive occupation with sound from medical, historical, physical, cultural, meditative and philosophical aspects. In a similar way, although more specifically with optical representation, the native of kulmbach and current berliner benedikt morsch deals with the interfaces of acoustic and visual perception of one and the same waves, which he captures optically through the medium of water.

Interdisciplinary research

"From the sound of images" is the title of the exhibition of an excerpt of his works, which opened on saturday in the upper town gallery of the kulmbach art society. Since 2004, "morsch" has been working on an interdisciplinary research project at the interface between visual art, music and the natural sciences." In experiments, using a specially designed experimental set-up, he explores the possibilities of visualizing sounds.

The experiments are documented photographically and on film. With the help of a special loudspeaker, water, which is in a flat glass container, is made to vibrate by acoustic impulses. Depending on the pitch and volume of the sound, different symmetrical wave patterns form on the surface of the water. These waves are so called standing waves: although the water is in motion, the pattern remains the same. Different patterns emerge, depending on the high and loudness of the sound.

In the foreground, benedikt morsch shows the results of his experimental arrangements in black and white prints of symmetrical wave patterns, which are reminiscent of kaleidoscopes, but are not multiplications of optical patterns, but patterns that arise from a central point or develop inward from an outer ring. Furthermore rough photos of colored cutouts of such wave patterns in different shaped structures.

Abstract nature

"He is interested in the sound of the world, and he is interested in the question of how sounds affect, for example, water and especially, of course, us" klaus morsch summed up the guiding principles of his son’s work in the introduction. It doesn’t matter that benedikt is the son of cornelia morsch, the second chairwoman and driving force behind the kulmbacher kunstverein. Both have in common the artistic attention to fine structures and nuances; however, the works of benedikt morsch are completely unique. More abstract or theoretical in nature.

Christine tiroch demonstrated how optical wave and acoustic sound patterns are created, using sound bowls of different coarseness and sound development. Sounds whose purely physical perceptions they work with in their healing practice. Above all, against fears, as she mentioned. Especially after striking a rough water-filled sound bowl, one could directly observe how acoustic sound creates symmetrical optical waves, which benedikt morsch shows in the exhibition. And you could let on how different sound highs individually and together affect you.

This is exactly what deputy district administrator jorg kunstmann meant when he said that there is always something new to "take away" from the art association’s exhibitions can be found at. Which art association chairman karl-heinz greims expressly responded to with the remark that art does not take anything from anyone, but rather that it gives something to someone.

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