Ryanair cuts winter flight schedule

Ryanair cuts winter flight schedule

Europe’s roughest budget airline ryanair cuts its winter schedule further because of tighter travel restrictions in the corona crisis.

From november to march, ryanair is expected to offer only about 40 percent as many flights as last winter, the irish company announced in dublin. Previously, management had targeted around 60 percent. Ryanair justified the shortage by saying that the decline in ticket bookings for november and december had intensified. Ryanair had already cut its flight program to 40 percent for october.

For the current fiscal year until the end of march, group CEO michael o’leary now expects only around 38 million passengers due to the consequences of the pandemic. Should there be further lockdowns in the EU in the winter, the number could be even lower, he said. Last fiscal year, ryanair and its subsidiaries such as laudamotion carried almost 149 million passengers. At present, many more seats remain empty on planes. Ryanair currently expects a utilization rate of around 70 percent. Last year it had been 95 percent.

O’leary accused governments in the european union of mismanagement in creating workable rules for air travel. He called on the states to fully implement the recently adopted system of a corona traffic light, so that at least people from countries and regions with few new infections could travel unhindered.

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